Facebook Users Are Dropping Like Flies, Because, Well, It's Boring

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i quitA little over a month ago, I quit Facebook and I haven't looked back since. The reason for my departure after four long years on the site was, to put it bluntly, because I was over it. Sure, I miss seeing photos of my friends' children, and there is a select group of people I don't correspond with otherwise and miss, but when it came down to it -- I was just bored with it. I saw the same status updates from the same people over and over, and rarely did I log on and see something, and think: "Wow! That's awesome!"

I've been told by some of my friends that I'm a party-pooper and I should just come back because it's fun, but no. For now I'm sticking to my guns and laying off Facebook. And it turns out I'm not the only one. A new study found that lots of people are quitting Facebook, or, at the very least, have taken a break at some point. Their reason being the same as mine: Facebook is one, big yawn-fest.

A study conducted in December by the Pew Research Center's Internet and American Life Project found that 61 percent of current Facebook users have voluntarily taken breaks from the site, many for several weeks at a time. The three main reasons for people's departures were: Not enough time to maintain their profiles; a decrease in interest in the site; and a general sentiment that Facebook is a massive time-suck. (A small group of people who quit cited privacy concerns.)

So yeah, this study is talking about people who took a "break" from the site. (Technically, I could say I'm taking a break too, as I've deactivated my account, as opposed to deleted it.) But the general feeling behind the break/quitting is the same: Facebook has lost its luster.

If you happen to be a person who lives very far away from family and friends and use it as a means to keep in touch with them -- I'm not talking about you. If that's your case, then yes, Facebook is great. But for the people who use Facebook as a means to post every mundane thought that pops into your head, or who post 14 photos from your trip to the grocery store -- you're bumming everyone else on Facebook out, man. So much so that they're quitting!

I get the whole "It's my Facebook page and I'll do what I want" argument. It's true. And I also understand the "If you don't like someone, block them" sentiment. But at the end of the day, Facebook is getting awfully, um, uneventful as a whole. And clearly I'm not the only person who thinks this!

Did you ever quit Facebook and then go back?


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Roxygurl Roxygurl

I quit fb back in march of last year and I have no interest in ever going back. It was boring and there was so much drama and stupid crap and I felt I was back in high school especially when I would have grown cousins tattle to my grandmother because I dared to say a curse word.

I don't ever see myself going back to fb.

nonmember avatar Tracy

If you're so sick of facebook, why do you keep posting articles about it?

kebrowni kebrowni

I took breaks in the past, but on January 1st I permanently deleted my account. Even if I wanted to go back, I'd have to start a new account. Nope! I also deleted my Instagram. Too many narcissists.

abra819 abra819

People quit cause they want attention.

nonmember avatar Jay

Thought I agree with the content of this article I have to agree with Tracy lol. You're constantly talking about Facebook lmao

Vegeta Vegeta

I use facebook to get in contact with people who's belongings (that contain a name and picture)end up in the massive lost and found at my job. Sucks if I've got your wallet or iPad andyouve got no idea where you left it and don't have a fb.

Todd Vrancic

Quit if it's not fun for you anymore.  Nobody has the right to make you do what you don't enjoy anymore.

mommy... mommyof5cutties

I made a Facebook for my family on the west coast to see my children and us here on the east coast. I hate Facebook since after setting it up it was trying to notify me all the time of crap. I'm tired of fb.. and my family's drama they post. I deactivated it a week ago and I'll never look back.

nonmember avatar Stacia

I know lots of people that quit Facebook, including myself. It's literally all the ex-myspace users that got bored with myspace...then moved to facebook...then get bored there. And it is ONE GIANT HIGH SCHOOL full of "How many people can give me attention, leave me comments, and tell me how great I look in my photoshopped pictures" type of people. Thanks anyways but I'll pass.

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