5 Super Annoying Facebook Posts That Make Us Want to Scream

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checking facebookSigh. Facebook. We all love it. We all hate it. We can't imagine our lives without it. We all think about deactivating our accounts several times a day.

And a lot of the reason for our myriad of feelings about Facebook stems from a few posts we're all getting really sick and tired of seeing on the site. They kind of ruin the whole Facebook experience and make us wonder why in the hell we're wasting our time checking our newsfeeds in the first place.

I mean, it's great hearing what our friends are up to, seeing photos of them and their kids on a regular basis, and having a few lighthearted laughs throughout the day.

But here are five posts that are so irritating, they make us want to scream, leave a snarky comment, or possibly even take the plunge and hit the unfriend button. (What? Too harsh?)

  1. Sappy and mushy declarations of undying love -- Ok, we get it, your husband is all kinds of awesomesauce. But status update after status update deeming him to be the King of all Prince Charmings and telling us how nauseatingly perfect your marriage is only makes us think the opposite must be true. If you really love your spouse that much, go the old-fashioned route and write him a love letter -- and keep it between the two of you.
  2. Excessive use of e-cards -- Yes, some of them are really funny, and I'll even admit to "liking" them on occasion if they give me a good chuckle. But when every other photo you post is an e-card? Yeah, that's just annoying. Original, humorous thoughts are way more entertaining.
  3. Those "Like if you care, ignore if you don't" photos -- It's already pretty lame that you got suckered into liking something because you're actually afraid people will think you're cold and heartless if you don't like it. But do us a favor and stop spreading the lameness to the rest of us.
  4. Facebook privacy rants -- News flash: Facebook changes their privacy settings all the time. It happens so often, in fact, that there really isn't much we can do about it. Freaking out every time it happens and posting a paragraph begging friends to help you change your settings is a good indication that you probably shouldn't have a Facebook account in the first place.
  5. Overly poetic status updates -- You know the ones I'm talking about, right? We all have those one or two friends who spend hours crafting a status update so it sounds inspirational, poetic, nostalgic, etc. Seriously, people -- you're taking yourself way too seriously. Just tell us what you ate for dinner and call it a day.

What other things are you really sick and tired of seeing in your Facebook newsfeed?


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nonmember avatar Angela

What about the posts that say "I'm bored, text me". Seriously, if you want someone to text you, text them first, don't make your profile public and tell complete strangers to contact you, especially if you are under age 21!!!

Mommi... MommietoJB

Im sick of seeing the status updates of my pregnant teenage cousins. They state every little detail from cramps to what their craving, every 10 mins. Its annoying. They dont seem to get it that they are not the first or last woman to get pregnant.

nonmember avatar NoWay

I get tired of the "Oh, woe is me" posts. Or the ones that say something vague like "Oh, please pray for me. This is so awful. I can't believe this is happening..." And when you ask what's wrong, they are like "Oh, it's private..." LOL

CAP1015 CAP1015

I have refused to become a part of facebook and I'm sure I'm much happier than most.  I find it odd that this article needs to be written, it seems that those that make these errors while annoying aren't any worse than those "monitoring" facebook for what they deem as "the proper" postings. If only most people would understand no one and I mean NO ONE cares about your facebook postings as much as you do!  Those that are seriously into facebook should realize most people aren't paying attention and if they are, you more than likely really don't want that type of person to be that interested in you.  It's funny to watch people at functions totally missing everything because they are monitoring facebook, posting updates and pics of "how much fun they are having".......only to miss everything because they can't put their phone down..............hahahahahaha

nonmember avatar Megan

I completely agree with all 5 you said. And I also hate when ppl post that they're going to start deleting friends soon. Well if ur going to do it just do it. I think they want ppl to be like "oh no please don't delete me". Lol! So stupid. I also get tired of the ppl that make post just to get attention. We can all tell when you're lying.

doodledo doodledo

All of those and more are why I dont go on facebook anymore. And truly I do not miss it.

da_mi... da_miranda

I hate ppl/online shop who sell anything I dont need or unaffordable.. Come on,, i'm trying to save some money by not going out too much,and these people teasing me with those cute little dress, shoes, children toys, house decorating..

nonmember avatar yuthink

Tired of all the silly pics of hot men or women. Or of wedding cakes. I have a fb friend I am ready to boot. All she does is post pics of everything wedding. Starting to think she really wants someone to take her teenage kid of her hands.

Iris0409 Iris0409

I love this post :)

I just started impulsively deleting people (or hiding them... sometimes) when they break my "rules". If the post says, "Some people will post this, 99% wont", GONE. If the post says "I want to see who reads my status updates", GONE. If the post is the 16th heavily filtered instagram selfie in a row, GONE. lol Most of the time I love Facebook, though!

MaryC... MaryCimino

According to Facebook I hate America, puppies, disabled kids, and Jesus just because I didn't like a post. I sometimes feel like Grumpy Cat in human form over this. In a good way.

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