Facebook's 'One Million Likes' Trend Has Officially Jumped the Shark

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Hey, can I get a like if you're sick of the "If I get a million likes I'll get [desired outcome]!" trend? If just one million people like this status, we'll end the million-like-begging fad once and for all, possibly by creating a meta-tear in the space-time continuum.

We can blame this annoyingly ubiquitous trend on these adorable children, who made headlines when they asked for a million Facebook likes in order to get a new puppy. "Awww," everyone responded, and by the next morning, the girls had their promised puppy -- along with some fleeting Internet fame.

The world also had a new Facebook party trick, because the "Two Girls and a Puppy" page has since spawned a number of similarly-themed requests. Most of which aren't nearly so wholesome.

The next page to go uber-viral was created by a Norwegian man named Petter Kverneng. Kverneng, 20, said he'd convinced his high school crush Cathrine Johansen to have sex with him if he also got one million likes on Facebook. The page titled "Please, help me get laid" quickly racked up its million likes … but Kverneng now claims the whole thing was just a joke.

The fad of asking for likes isn't exactly new -- these kids did something similar when they asked for 1,000 likes in exchange for a cat -- but the specific plea of wanting a million likes has become an official Internet meme.

Thanks to Kverneng re-creating interest in what's now being called the "One Million Likes" challenge, there have been a number of versions, including a handful of parody pages. Here's a glimpse at some of the pages hoping to be liked:


Honestly, I feel incredibly curmudgeonly and get-off-my-lawn-y about ALL of these pages. I mean, who puts the decision of whether to get a family pet on the whim of a social media audience? DECIDE THAT SHIT AT HOME, PARENTS. And you two Norwegian kids, I HOPE that was a damn joke, because ew.

In conclusion, I'm hoping the trend has reached critical mass and we've seen the last of the "Give me a million likes and I'll do X" posts. Shameless link-begging is never pretty, Internet. (Click like and share if you agree!!!!)

How do you feel about the One Million Likes trend? Are you getting sick of these pages?

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Mama2... Mama2MonkeyBoys

It's definitely gotten out of hand.


CPN322 CPN322


nonmember avatar Amy D

I was almost certain when I saw the headline that you were referring to this!

jalaz77 jalaz77

This has gotten annoying in so many ways.

nonmember avatar kayla

someone commented on one of these "1 million likes and mommy says we can go to disneyworld!" and said "stop using your children just for likes, take them because you love them and stop pimping them out!" i think they said it well enough.

older... oldermomat41

Equally annoying are the requests to share something on your wall to prove that you really love someone, or believe in God or think gays should be allowed to marry, etc. Hate it when family and friends make these requests...put this on your wall if you are my true friend. GRRRR Not very friendly to ask someone to prove they are your friend but posting some stupid shit on their wall. if I did this my status updates would be non stop and incredibly annoying. 

sand008 sand008

Kayla got it

Charlie Day

I agree - out of hand please join these two together search it.

www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10511468545141 289&set=a.10151468545051289.552766.502796288&type=1&theater

Nick Burger

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Kacey Eppinette

I just did a one million likes photo but it isnt for something stupid as a puppy or to get laid. It is for PTSD and soldier/veteran suicide awareness. Somethings deserve to be liked and shared. It needs to be heard. If you want to like my photo go www.facebook.com/InLovingMemoryofChadEppinette and like the one million likes photo and share and make sure you like the photo directly and tell your friends to do the same. So maybe this one will actually get some recognition for something that matters!

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