'Pretty Girls Making Ugly Faces' Is as Real as the Internet Gets (PHOTO)

pretty girls making ugly facesYou don't need a PhD in, I dunno, anything to know that the Internet is all smoke and mirrors. Very rarely do people -- be they Facebookers or bloggers or commenters -- let the cyberworld in on their "real self." As far as everyone knows, anyone who posts anything on the web is amazingly happy, has the perfect life, and of course, is gorgeous.

With Instagram and Hipstamatic filters -- and the perfect lighting and angle -- pretty much anyone can look like Megan Fox online. Or, really good, at least. I mean, think about it: When was the last time you saw somebody post an "ugly" picture of themselves on the Internet? Probably never, because who would want to do that?

Turns out, some people would. And did. And they're hot girls! Behold: "Pretty Girls Making Ugly Faces."


Originally posted on Reddit, "Pretty Girls Making Ugly Faces" is, well, just that. And the best part is the "ugly" photos that juxtapose the "real" pictures of the lovely women were all submitted by the girls themselves. People actually not trying to be their best selves on the Internet? This is groundbreaking, you guys.

Yes, these women are all pretty much making the same face -- the ol' pull your chin to your chest and contort your mouth and cheeks move, but the reason it's so great is because, like I said, everyone is always trying to make it seem like they're more "whatever" on the Internet. More attractive, more happy, more rich. And if it makes them feel better (momentarily), live and let live, I guess. But the truth is, it usually makes everyone else feel worse. Think about it: How many times do you leave Facebook or comments sections feeling like crap about yourself? Feeling like you're doing something wrong? And you shouldn't because, odds are, whatever thing made you feel bad isn't really real.

It isn't easy to bear in mind while perusing your favorite websites, so maybe put a sticky on your laptop to remember: The Internet isn't real. People can make anything seem like a reality on this lawless wasteland. Or maybe just bookmark "Pretty Girls Making Ugly Faces."

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Image via Imgur

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