7 Texting Habits That Are Highly Annoying

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textingI love texting. Call me Textasaurus Rex. Or Tyrannosaurus Text. Your choice. But I love texting. Love it, love it, love it. It's about 4,000 times easier than making an actual phone call. (Phone call? What's that, you dinosaur?) It's convenient ("What time r u gonna be home?" "7"). And it takes the awkwardness out of communicating via cell with people you're not besties with. (Have you ever been nervous to send a text? Prolly not.)

But still. There are a few annoying habits people engage in while texting -- and here r 7 of thm.

Using "Y" or "N" for "yes" or "no". I admit, I've done this, but it's f*cking ridiculous. I mean, how hard is it to type "es" or "o"? I know we're all busy, but come on.

The ridiculously long text. Like I said, I'm all about texting, but if what you're writing goes into three long separate texts, just call. It'll probably be quicker.

The text that says, "Just left you a message." You're probably not answering your phone for a reason -- be it you're busy, or you just don't want to. You'll get around to calling back when you get around to calling back. And it's kind of a trick, because if you text back, the person knows you're there and dodged their call. 

The million texts in a row before you get a chance to respond. Ever pick up your phone and realize you have, like, 10 texts -- from the same person? That's annoying!

The Emoji-obsessed texter. Emojis are cute, and sometimes, they can get a point across better than actual words can (which is really sad). But when you start sending messages that contain a pill, a girl dancing, a bunny, and a bowl of ramen-looking soup, you have a problem. 

Using abbreviations to the point of making your text unreadable. There are the classics: "U" instead of "you"; "idk" instead of "I don't know"; "OMG" for -- what does that even stand for anymore? But then there are the texts that are literally nothing but abbrevs. Stp tht. See? You probably didn't even know what I said there! I said: Stop that!

Having texting be your only form of communication. Texting is convenient, but come on guys, let's not all turn into a bunch of voiceless drones with robo-fast thumbs.

What are your texting pet peeves?

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MaryC... MaryCimino

My biggest one is when you don't speak English

Wen u tipe lik dis becuzz yur 2 layz 2 spk ngsh Ai wull hurtt u

yeah, this is why my facebook has so few freinds, I correct them when they do that

(Translation: When you type like this because you're too lazy to speak English I will hurt you)

Fondue Fondue

You say you hate it when people type Y or N instead of yes or no, but you can't seem to bring yourself to type the extra letters in "you" and "are", which is just as annoying in my book.  And "prolly"?  Whenever I see that I just figure that the person doesn't have a grasp on English words and is phonetically spelling their mispronunciation.  Or that they're a complete idiot.  Whatever.

dekumama dekumama

I can't stand "r", "u", "c", none of that. It takes so little time to finish a three letter word that it's beyond laziness. It's just plain stupid. We almost all have full keyboards these days. Grow up, it's not 2002 anymore.

rhps2000 rhps2000

My pet peeve is getting a mass text from coach or someone's bday and ALL their friends responses are sent to me as well. On another note, it cracks me up when hubby uses the voice function. He speaks slowly and clearly, rather robotic. Diaper ... cream. :)

Jane Andrew

Do check "5 Text Messaging Habits We All Hate" http://www.mobistealth.com/blog/text-messaging-habits-hate.

nonmember avatar RSimone

The usage of 'yu' instead of 'you'. Because the time it took to make auto-correct not correct your ignorant slang was too much for you to employ a simple 'o'.

nonmember avatar Xenot

Thank goodness! Someone FINALLY mentions the a**holes who won't let you get a text in edgewise! They keep dumping you into "draft," if you don't hit "later" in time. I usually sit there and let them have a conversation with themselves for several minutes before I give them one of those "K" or "I agree" texts back. That's one time you are permitted to give an annoyingly short answer; after the someone forces a novel on you!

nonmember avatar Rita

I hate the "call me" text. Why can't you text "call me. I want to talk to you about _____" so I know how fast to call you back!

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