5 Things I So Don't Miss About Facebook Since I've Quit

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facebookYesterday I wrote a post about the things I miss about Facebook since I quit a month or so ago. So, naturally, a counterpoint post is in order today. While it's true, there are things I miss about the social networking site, there are definitely -- definitely -- things I don't. Like, at all. So in the spirit of evening things out -- and firing everyone up! -- here are 5 things I so don't miss about Facebook.

Being tagged in photos. Does anyone's heart skip a beat when they log on and see that little red flag at the left-hand side of the screen indicating they've been tagged in photos (in a good way)? Honestly, I hated that. I always felt kind of violated. Nine times out of 10 I didn't like the way I looked in these photos -- and what if I don't want my boss knowing I was out boozing it up last night again?

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The whole privacy thing. I don't know, man. Seems like every day Facebook changes their privacy policy and presents these changes to its users in some convoluted, euphemistic jargon. I didn't like that. I could never keep up with what was going on, and what settings I should have had my account set to. But I always felt like I was doing something wrong, and someone was basically going to take every photo off of my account and use them for a sex ad in Russia or something.

The wasting of time. True story, I finish work about a half hour early each day, thanks to my not having Facebook. In between writing posts, I'd always log in, see what was up, and then I'd inevitably wind up going down some rabbit hole into someone's life I haven't physically seen in 15 years. Glad that's over.

Getting minute-by-minute updates of what people's babies/pets/selves are doing. Waking up ... Brushing my teeth ... Getting coffee ... Farting. I know, I know, I know, you can block people who you feel post too much on Facebook. I know. But I'm just saying -- there are some people out there who post way too much. And I didn't block them. I can't answer you as to why I didn't. I just didn't, okay!

No more Facebook comparisons. Honest to god, I'm happier without Facebook. Truly. And I didn't make this connection until recently. I noticed that I've been feeling kind of good lately -- and for no reason in particular. Just more content. I definitely think this has to do with the fact that I'm no longer a part of the Facebook world. I'd be lying if I said I never compared my life to other people's "Facebook lives." It's nice to be living in the real world these days, as opposed to the social media one. 

Did you quit Facebook? Do you miss it? Happy you did?


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Rae.302 Rae.302

I quit facebook about seven months ago...and i love it! Really, im so much happier. For all the reasons you listed above and then some, for example: i dont miss the never ending religious blackmail posts and the political rants!

nonmember avatar Claire

YES! Since I quit I have been a million times happier. I didn't delete it, and on the rare occasion that I go back on, I find myself in a terrible mood... its from the comparisons! And whenever that happens, it just reaffirms that for me, facebook is a bad idea and should be avoided! Totally agree with you.

Melis... Melissa1508

Totally agree!  I quit Facebook 2 years ago and I haven't missed it one single day.  It's so easy to get sucked in and start comparing your life with someone else's "Facebook" life.  I was getting down on myself and thinking, damn why can't my husband do what so and so's husband is doing, yada yada?  I am much better off focusing on my own life and my own family!

happy... happyhappyPAmom

I agree with all those things and then some. I've witnessed way too many tmi facebook fights (and even been at the recieving end of one disgruntled friend who posted personal gossip about why my sons father isnt involved in our lives! omg!) and really do prefer to keep in touch with people I'm close with the old fashion way. Social media for some people can be miserable instead of pleasant, for me it was miserable.

Heath... HeatherMazzone

Are you sure you quit fb? Because your mind is on it so much, it doesn't seem like you did. This is the 3rd or 4th Facebook related article I've seen from you.

Tracys2 Tracys2

I find it much easier to deal with this stuff (especially comparisons) on facebook than in RL. I can block people, not allow them to use up my time, and not be so isolated. I guess it's all where your friends and family are, and how you prefer social interaction.

Jacobet Jacobet

I was going to quit Facebook. I am fighting with members of my family and they were taking it to FB which was causing me to dwell on the fight rather than giving me space. So I quit for a week (and no I didn't post a dramatic I quit FB post like most do, I just quit) and then I remembered all the good things that FB has brought to my life. I get to see pics of my friends/family that live far away. I get to communicate with them on an almost daily basis whereas before FB I would talk to them when my busy life slowed down long enough to give them a call. It has enhanced my relationships with these long distance relatives and friends in ways I can't describe. My point is, quitting FB is a personal decision for everyone and shouldn't be an advertised big deal. Quit or don't quit you choose and then live with it. I decided to quit and realized I was only hurting myself so I went back on and blocked the people causing me pain. They don't see me and I don't see them and FB is happy for me again!

nonmember avatar Ruben

I quit Facebook back in july of 2012 and smart phones in general. It is pretty amazing my minnd is so much more stimjulated.

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