5 Things I Miss About Facebook Since Quitting

facebookAbout a month ago, I quit Facebook. I was over it. It had run its course for me. And I'm happy I did it. However, like with everything in life, there are a few things I miss about it. Things that sometimes, maybe, possibly make me even want to go back. I'm going to continue to stick to my guns and not go back (for now!), but I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss a few things about the ol' social networking site.

Here are 5 things I miss about Facebook. 

People's birthdays. The birthday feature was definitely one of the best things about Facebook. In fact, I missed a co-worker's birthday on Monday, because I'm not on Facebook anymore. (Sorry, Stefanie!)

Photos of people's kids. I know, some people hate seeing pesky photos of children on Facebook, but not me! I loved seeing my friends' -- and my "friends'" -- babies and kids on Facebook. Always put a smile on my face(book).

Showing people photos of my kid. I'm a parent. Of course I like to show off my baby! And I've taken some good pics lately -- I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss a few "likes".

Keeping in touch with people I otherwise wouldn't. There are the people I'll definitely still talk to now that I quit Facebook -- "real" friends; family members; coworkers. And then there are people I won't. And I really like some of those people! Our relationships aren't at email or texting level, though, so I probably won't ever talk to them again. Sad face.

Seeing the photos people "tag" me in. I definitely don't miss being tagged in photos -- not at all. But there's something different, kind of eerie, about not knowing what pictures of me are on Facebook. I know my sister posted some photos of my family on Christmas -- do I look horrendous? Awesome? I'll never know!

Did you quit Facebook? What do you miss about it?


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lasombrs lasombrs

I don't have an account. CM is good enough for me. I dont need constant updates on everyone

jalaz77 jalaz77

No I haven't and won't. It's been fun. Took me awhile to join, now I know why. The majority of people I am not 'friends' with but have reconnected with since school or my waitressing job. Small number is family, majority I am close to, a handful I am not cause they are my cousins down the line (3rd cousins) and live out of state. Then there is the group of people that have the most hilarious updates daily, I love seeing that cause they make it fun/funny. Not being sarcastic...seriously got a few people that are really funny people!!

qlarue qlarue

I quit Facebook 2 days ago and am going through horrible withdrawl!  Its not me posting things that I miss, its checking in to see what other people are up to that I miss.  So many times I pick up my phone to check it and then remember that I quit and sadly put the phone back down.

efilitha efilitha

Seeing my haters. Actually, I kinda love seeing them suffered. Kinda heals me when I see it. Then, ok, it's not. I slowly put my self back off.

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