Disgusting Website 'Outs' Innocent Women as Prostitutes With No Proof Whatsoever

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Sometimes I feel like we're living in the 1800s. There is so much slut shaming online, it's ridiculous. Some members of the public won't be happy until all women who have sex out of wedlock (and strictly for the purposes of procreation, of course) are all wearing a big, fat scarlet letter. Awhile ago we heard about the Facebook page dedicated to posting pictures of young girls looking "slutty." Yeah, what we really need are anonymous Internet crowds deciding whether a girl is a "slut" or not. And whether that's something everyone else needs to know.

Now there's a website that focuses on ladies, not girls. Ladies of the evening, to be precise. Ladies of the maybe-we're-not-sure-but-they-could-potentially-be-prostitutes evening! It's called Potential Prostitutes. Err ... what?!!!

A site called PotentialProstitutes.com allows anyone to upload of a photo of anyone and say that this woman might be a prostitute. Might be! So, you know, your ex could upload of a photo of you, and boom, you're a prostitute. Or, maybe you don't want to sleep with some guy, so he uploads a photo of you, and boom, you're a prostitute.

Not only that, the site lists the woman's name and phone number! Okay, are you trying to shame these supposed prossies or give them more business?

The site's administrators claim they are doing this for the public good; HOWEVER, if the woman pays $100, then down comes the information. This is called extortion.

Here's my question. For any man to know that a woman is a prostitute, and know for sure, this means the guy must have solicited her services. So, a) that makes him a john. Where's his shame site?; and b) if you knew she was a prostitute, then what are you complaining about it for??!!

Now granted, I've seen some sites that aren't very nice to men either. I saw one where anyone could upload a photo of a guy, give his real name, and call him a cheater, liar, thief, abuser, whatever. I don't agree with THAT either. In fact, I'm astonished at how these sites get away with not being sued for defamation, but I guess most of the people on it probably have no idea they are!

The URL for Potential Prostitutes wasn't working when I tried it, so perhaps the site is gone for good. Let's hope.

What do you think of this site?


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pupuk... pupukeawahine

It's called defamation and extortion.  Both are illegal.  The people who have started this site need to have some very good lawyers--probably they don't, though.  They don't seem very bright.  Got jail?

nonmember avatar Mom2b

I completely agree with you about the slut shaming online. Sites like the disgusting one mentioned above and some things on Facebook are bad. But there is something else disturbing that I have noticed. Ever since the whole Sandra Fluke thing, some people seem to think that wanting your workplace insurance to cover birth control makes you a whore. Someone said on this very site that "if you want to be a whore you should have to pay for your own supplies." Ridiculous!

hello... hellokd87

It is ridiculous that people are making a huge religious issue over the birth control thing and about "slut-shaming". So you don't agree with birth control being covered, ok fine that's your business but don't impose your beliefs on someone else. Perhaps someone is ill and a pregnancy would jeopardize their health (I have mixed connective tissue disorder which makes it difficult to conceive in the first place, but if I were to conceive it would cause a whole bevy of complications that would place me on immediate physician's care). If someone pisses you off, don't go posting their names on a website dedicated to "outing" prostitutes. You NEVER know who could see that website and perhaps a potential or current employer visited that site (don't ask why, again its their business) and they so happen to see that person. It would definitely make someone think twice about a person's dignity regardless what their resume might look like.

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