NORAD Santa Tracker: See St. Nick's Whereabouts & Check Out His Most Festive Tweets (VIDEO)

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santa trackerIf you and your kids haven't checked out the NORAD Santa Tracker website, or NORAD Santa Tracker's Twitter, you need to drop what you're doing and immediately do so. It's adorable. It's funny. It's convincing. And, um, don't you want to know what Santa's up to?

NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) has been tracking Santa since the 1950s (so, yes, they're a reputable Santa source), but now that it's the 2000's, and Twitter and the Internet have taken over the world, you can find out what The Big Guy is up to every waking moment. (Come on, even St. Nick isn't immune to social media and the constant voyeurism it provides.)

Grab the kids, and find out how Santa and his reindeer are spending their final moments before the big day! You might be surprised! Merry Christmas!

December 13: "Mrs. Claus is cookin’ up some Alphabet Soup!"

December 13:  "Do you remember the first time you met Santa?"

December 14: "#NORAD Tracks #Santa radar detected movement at the North Pole International Airport!"

December 14: Um, this adorable video of Santa and Commander of NORAD and US Northern Command was tweeted.

(Also: See which North Pole shop is the "busiest" -- so cute!)

December 17: "#Santa is preparing for his world-wide flight, and @Norad Santa will track every mile of it with #BingMaps on 12/24." That's right, tomorrow night you can track Santa's path on Bing Maps! What child wouldn't be over-the-moon to do that?

If you want to cut out the middle man, head straight to the NORAD site for up-to-the-minute info on Santa's whereabouts, and how to track him during his flight. It's the perfect thing to do with your kids -- or if you happen to be wondering yourself where Santa is.

Note: NORAD will not know the exact time Santa will arrive at your house. According to NORAD, "only Santa knows that." That Santa, boy -- he's a tricky one.

Do you use NORAD Santa Tracker?


Image via NORADTracksSanta/YouTube



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nonmember avatar kevobx

Red is everywhere in the world. Grace and truth is Jesus Christ, why did mankind give him gifts in his death?

bills... billsfan1104

I love this.  When my daughters were younger, the got a big kick out of watching Santa come to the home. 

Silver Sterling

First as a Christian I know that Christ wasn't Born in Dec it was last fall early Spring. So he is NOT now nor was he ever the actual reason for the season. If you studied your bible and your history you would know this and most churches are now coming around and teaching that Christ wasn't actually born in Dec. Christmas is a heathen holiday celebrated (and OVERLY commercialized now) to hearken in the winter and bless the people in the winter since light and food are hard to  come by. The church took over the holiday and Christianized it to convert the people by any means (which at this time was scaring the hell out of them with stories of fire and Damnation)

The Fun thing about this holiday is when you ACTUALLY look beyond the good book into the actual meaning and history behind it. There honestly is very little about Christmas that is "christian" 

My 4yr has been tracking Santa since 7am.

Saphi... SaphiraJFire

I am a non chrstian and we do not doe santa at all, but this site is just adorable lol.

Silver is right there is nothing about christmas that is actually christian. 

DomsM... DomsMom8207

Lol did thiz for my son this morning and his face just lit right up knowing santa was gonna be here between 10pm and 2am haha

gem09... gem092011

This is super cute. We are driving home from visiting with family, and my 9 year old daughter (who is right on the cusp of not believing) is watching this on my phone, totally enthralled. So cute!!

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