5 Facebook Etiquette Rules Every Parent Should Follow

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cute kidThere are certain rules when you're on Facebook -- etiquette rules. And when you're a parent, they kind of apply all the more. After all, if you're a mom or dad on Facebook, you're probably posting and reading things about kids. And when kids are involved, there's always rules. (I'm looking at you, person who posts a hundred times a day, but never likes anything of anyone's back!) Here are 5 Facebook etiquette rules every parent should follow.

Like posts back! If you're an active user -- a user who posts lots of photos of their kids, etc. -- and you usually get tons of likes and comments, spread the love. When your friends post pictures of their kids, like them back. Or throw in a comment if you're feeling crazy. It's the right thing to do. (Also, respond to people. If you post a lot, clearly you're on Facebook a lot. If someone asks you a question or something, give them the courtesy of responding.)

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Post things in an album. If you're out for the day, doing something awesome with your kids, don't keep posting photos piecemeal, clogging up everyone's newsfeeds. Create an album. Perhaps entitled: "My Awesome Day Doing Awesome Stuff With My Awesome Kids"?

Keep child complaints to a minimum. Nobody likes a Debbie Downer -- especially when the downerness is directed at your kids -- you know, those little beings who didn't ask to be put on Earth. You never know what someone else is going through -- maybe a friend of yours can't get pregnant and is desperately trying -- so err on the side of caution. And remember: it's just plain awkward for others when you air your dirty laundry.

Don't post pictures of other people's kids without asking. We've discussed this. Not cool.

Don't let Facebook take over your life. Facebook is cool and all, but it isn't a replacement for real life. Make sure you get out and hang with your actual friends -- and don't be logged on when you're around your kids. Something is just ... icky about a toddler saying: "Mommy, are you on Facebook?"

What Facebook rules do you know of?


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kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

why do parents have to have there own rules? Just because your a parent you have to follow silly rules? Parents are people too who dont always want to comment or like things.

nonmember avatar JustSayin'

Etiquette on a social networking site is pointlless, just like this article. Its your page to do with what you want just like everyone else. Stop telling others what to do!

Karma... KarmaGrant

I love that the last one is to not let facebook take over your life yet the rest of your rules are for facebook. Btw, I don't know about you but until the most recent ios facebook app update, I couldn't post pics to an album from my phone. I had to just mobile/wall upload them. I could sort them later but not on the spot. So that makes your photo one a moot point. Also, are you in kindergarten? Demanding if you like someone's posts they like yours back? You do realize that facebook loves to not show everyone all of your content or maybe they've even set it up that they don't see it. Either way, expecting someone to do something like "liking" your stuff just because you've seen them online is dumb and childish.

nonmember avatar NCC

How about if you're a grandparent don't make just one grandchild your profile pic, cover photo, and every shared and uploaded pic you have when you have five other grand kids. Family and facebook...gotta love it.

nonmember avatar Gotosleep

I think the writer of this is just trying to help. These should all be common sense. You ladies up there don't HAVE to follow them. If you are not already following them, you are probably one of the more annoying Facebook users. It is true that it is your page and you can do with it what you want. Do you also choose to ignore common etiquette in real life?

nonmember avatar JustSayin'

Social networking is not real life!

lovin... lovinallofthem

LOL!!!!  seriously?? "i dont need rules" ??  LMBO!! you are exactly the kind of parents this was directed at!! confused

nonmember avatar AJ

want your children to see. If you dont want your kids to see disgusting words, pictures, sayings, then dont be one to be re-posting something that has that content -AJ-

nonmember avatar kaerae

Is it really so hard to give your own children the same respect you would a stranger? You don't post pictures of someone you love covered in their own feces, and PLEASE...no matter how crunchy and proud you are, no one wants to see your placenta.

squish squish

I always cringe when I see photos of naked or half naked toddlers or kids. Facebook has proven over and over that they don't care about privacy.

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