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google mapsiPhone owners -- you can exhale now. Google Maps is back. After a tumultuous relationship with Apple Maps -- and many (many) wrong turns -- the map app everybody knows and loves is once again available for the iPhone. And word on the street is it does not disappoint. Like, you know that overwhelming panicky feeling you have the instant you realize you're lost? Yeah, that will never happen again.

Google Maps is now available as a free app (you must download from the store -- currently, it's the most downloaded app), and thankfully, it's come to us three months after Apple gave maps a whirl of their own -- and failed miserably. The shoddy app had people everywhere (including myself) winding up nowhere near the destination they input into their phone. The situation even resulted in CEO Tim Cook issuing a public apology, and urging people to use Google Maps on their mobile browser, or to find other means of getting from Point A to Point B. Like an atlas.

So yeah, we're happy Google Maps is back.

And the app is better than ever to boot. Apparently, there are tens of thousands of updates made to map data each day -- the majority of fixes are applied within minutes. And the new interface requires fewer gestures than before, so finding where we need to go is faster and easier.

It was a valiant effort, Apple. You can't win 'em all. And hey, everyone still loves the iPhone. I don't doubt you'll get the map issue fixed soon enough. But until then -- I'm sticking with Google.

Did Apple Maps ever get you lost?


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amber... amberdotsmom

I'll be downloading that app tonight!   What I missed most in Apple's maps was the street view that Google has, so helpful to see what the store front looks like or what the buildings are just before the one you're looking for.

Plus Apple had just a "few" problems with their mapping one of which was stranding motorists in the Australian outback over 40 miles from where they were actually going.

momto... momtolittleg

I've been avoiding updating my phone due to the Apple map.  Some apps have required the updated iOS and it will be nice to update and get Google maps!

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