Facebook Privacy Changes Allow You to Block People but Force You to Be Searchable

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LaptopAnother day, another Facebook privacy policy update and this one has some pluses and some things that make me go meh. The new roll-out, which hit users Wednesday morning, makes it easier to choose which things you share with which groups, but it also makes it harder to hide.

Facebook has added Privacy Shortcuts, which will make it easier to choose who sees your stuff and who can contact you on the site. Included is a "block" button so that you can instantly remove exes of all kinds from your Facebook world with a single click.

This could come in handy ...

Finally! Facebook has taken the hint and realized that just because you actually know someone doesn't mean that you want anything to do with them. Nor do you want them stalking you. Or knowing your phone number. Or seeing pictures of your kids. Or your friends' kids. You get the picture.

"There are a billion users and blocking is the ultimate way of saying I don’t want to interact with this person," a Facebook exec told The New York Times. "We think blocking is really positive."

Facebook also updated how you can control the Activity Log and what appears on your Timeline.

On the bummer side, it is now impossible to prevent yourself from showing up in search results on Facebook. In other words, if you're on Facebook, you will be searchable on the site and you don't have the choice to opt out.

But I guess if someone you don't want to deal with tracks you down in a Facebook search and tries to friend you (or, the horror, re-friend you ...), then you can test out that new block thing.

Don't you wish Facebook would stop changing its privacy policies?


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kelti... kelticmom

Um, blocking is not new, it's been available for at least two years. I have quite a lengthy block list. Lol

jessi... jessicasmom1

I have a blocking list 

jpfsmom jpfsmom

Blocking has been around for awhile and as far as privacy...FB has never been privacy, you can control your settings so certain people can't see certain things but no guarantees and if anyone has any major concerns about their privacy, it's probably in their best interest NOT to have a facebook account.   It's a free, optional service so bitching about the privacy is moot.  


Miche... Michelephant

You can still set your privacy settings so only friends can look up your profile.  That is almost the same thing as being unsearchable.  And who would friend someone who you don't want looking at your profile?

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