5 Cellphone Etiquette Rules Every Mom Should Follow

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cell phoneCellphones. They're not going anywhere. Ever. And that's a good thing, because if you ask any mom, she'll tell you: Her phone is her life line. Directions at the drop of a hat. Photos at the drop of a hat. And the ability to quickly text someone to let them know you're running late. They're, in a word, awesome.

But, like with any piece of technology, cellphones don't come without their caveats. And these caveats are caused by people's inability to follow a small set of rules (looking at you, guy conducting an over-the-phone interview while on the elliptical at the gym). Yes, everyone could probably benefit from a quick etiquette course in cellphone behavior, but this is a mom site, so we're gearing it toward you, ladies with kids! Here are 5 cellphone etiquette rules every mom should follow.

Don't be the lady talking crap on her phone while pushing her little one in a stroller. Look, I'm not one of those people who's all, "Oh mah gah, you should never take a phone call when in the presence of your children; you need to give them your undivided attention every waking moment!" Moms are busy. I get that. If you need to take a call, you need to take a call. But it probably isn't super cool to have a full-on bitch fest about someone while Junior's sitting there, unbeknownst to you, absorbing it all. Bad example. And a wee bit trashy, might I add.

Unless it's an emergency, don't answer your phone when you're in the middle of a real-life conversation. If you're talking to a mom-friend of yours, your kid's teacher, or your actual child, call the person back. Do you like someone taking a call while you're talking to them?

Don't have your kids screaming in the background/interrupting you every time you're on the phone. Being a mom is crazy, I know. But I have a friend who I've literally never had a conversation with without her children screaming and interrupting in the background. I can wait to talk. Unless it's dire, just call me after they've gone to bed.

No need to give all the mom details to your non-mom friends. I don't care if you're breastfeeding or changing a poop-filled diaper, because I know what it's like. But for those yet to experience the joy, best just call back or just skip some info.

Don't text and talk. Moms are nothing if not the world's best multi-taskers, but seriously, there are few things more annoying than a person who won't look up from their phone while you're talking, and goes: "Ummmmm ... yeahhh ... that could work-- Wait, what did you say?" when you ask them if they want to go get a cup of coffee. (And yes, this applies to all people.)

What cellphone habits annoy you?


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Lovin... LovinJerseyMama

None of that bothers me much. But the thing that really grinds my gears? Parents yapping away, not paying attention, when their kids are at the park or a play place. They don't see their children hurting or bothering others, or pulling dangerous stunts or making messes. I want to strangle those individuals bc now, not only am I trying to supervise my children, I now have to keep an eye on yours because you aren't. What is supposed to be a relaxing afternoon at the park goes south real quick. 

Megan Lee

How about, put your phone down when you're out with your children?
I was at the movies and this woman's daughter was poking my butt and getting infront of us at the counter and touching my back.
I turned around and her mother was just texting away on her phone, not even noticing the shit her kid was doing... I still regret not saying anything to her.

nonmember avatar Kristel Lynn

Ohmigosh, this is SPOT on! I'm not a Mom, but I am totally with you on all this. I don't even have a smartphone! and it's for the reasons above and then some as to why I haven't gotten one yet. In general, why can't people just put their phone on vibrate or silent whenever they're in a public place?? That will just help avoid even picking it up if you don't hear it. I only have one question: what did we do 20 years ago when cell phones were non-existent?!

nonmember avatar jenei

The texting thing drives me nuts! I have a friend who comes to visit me, then spends the ENTIRE TIME texting her boyfriend while I pretty much have a conversation with myself. It also drives he nuts when people are chatting away on their phones with their kids around. I do know, sometimes there are important calls that need to be taken, but you guys realize your kids won't be this age forever, right? Spend time with them, talk to them, give them your attention! It makes me so sad to see kids being carted around like accessories, being completely ignored while the parent is gossiping away on the damn phone!

nonmember avatar Christine

I personally cannot stand when a mother is yappping on her cell phone while checking out at a store. Grocery store, Target.... whatever,it is rude to the cashier, the kids and the people behind her. Yes I have kids but always try to be considerate - after all if kids see their mom misbehaving and having poor phone etiquette what do you think they will learn?

Lilit... Lilith825

I don't own a cell phone and probably won't. But most of those don't bother me either.

nonmember avatar lisa

Another one? Put the phone on silent and AWAY at dinner, or any meal. The only cell phone rule In this house. Our kids deserve that time to talk about their day.

Sweet... Sweetness5251

Try keeping your cell phones in your purse and ringer off when you are at the doctor's office. It is so disrespectful to be playing on your phone while the nurse or doctor is trying ask questions during the visit :-| And answering the phone is not cool, either. People have really lost their manners since cell phones became mainstream!

Sweet... Sweetness5251

Cell phones are becoming so addictive to people that they lose perspective as to what is really important in life...like their kids, family & friends. Very sad. With all the apps and access to Facebook and other sites, people really are losing themselves in this technology.

Betwe... BetweenCourses

My favorite? When I'm with you, you take every call, answer every text, respond to wvery beep etc, yet when I call/text you, you never answer! Hate being with someone that has to answer every beep. I'm okay with check and see if it's husband calling with emergency, but another friend calling to chat? Don't take that call

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