5 Reasons Every Mom Should Buy Herself a Tablet

ipad babyMy father kindly bought me an iPad two years ago for Christmas. And while I was unbelievably excited about the lavish gift, after a few days, I kind of stopped using it. I figured I have an iPhone; I have a laptop -- and I'm on it all day (hi) -- what do I need an iPad for? But then I had a baby and went, "Ohhh, that's why."

Here are 5 reasons every mom should buy herself a tablet. Treat yourself, ladies.


They (easily) fit into your diaper bag. Have you ever tried squeezing a laptop into your diaper bag? Yeah, me neither, because clearly it won't fit -- and if it does, it will only weigh the (already heavy) bag down even more. No thanks.

And speaking of not weighing things down, they're THE perfect thing for traveling with kids. In a few days I'll be flying with my 7-month-old for the first time (dear baby Jesus, give us strength). We don't let her watch TV, but good lord, any time she gets a glimpse of an iPhone or something like it, her eyes glaze over like she's in some sort of baby-trance. I'm bringing my iPad for this exact reason. If she starts crying, out the iPad will come. (Crying is one thing at home, but on a plane? I'll pass. And I'm sure other passengers will, too!)

They save you time. In another life, I was one of those people who was all, "Boo to tablets! I like real books!" And I still do prefer "real" books. But I couldn't tell you the last time I had time on my hands to while away the hours, perusing my local bookstore. But I do still enjoy reading before bed. Boom, tablet. Insta-book. I don't get to "feel the pages," and half the time, I have no idea who wrote the book I'm reading, but I get to enjoy a book nonetheless.

There are TONS of educational apps on the iPad. Like I said, I'm not letting my kid watch TV just yet, but when that day comes, I'd like to try to make it something, you know, where she'll learn a thing or two. And I mean, seriously, the trailer for the "Pat the Bunny" app is heart-melting.

Calendars. It's hard enough keeping track of our own schedules. Throw in a kid or two -- and all their appointments and practices -- it's damn-near an art. The calendar on tablets, such as the iPad, makes it easy to keep track of everyone in your family -- all at the touch (and move!) of a button.

Do you have a tablet? What's the best thing you've gotten out of it?


Image via novemberwolf/Flickr

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