Man Spends $500 on iPad Gift & Gets Nasty Surprise When It’s Opened (VIDEO)


ipadCool: Unwrapping a present and finding out it's an iPad. Not cool: Unwrapping a present, finding out it's an iPad, opening the iPad packaging, and then realizing it's just a boring piece of plastic. So rude, right?! But that actually happened. A Florida man was nice enough to shell out $500 for an iPad -- for his mother-in-law! -- and the thing turned out to be nothing but a block of BPA.

And if there's one thing everybody knows, it's that you can't play Doodle Jump on a block of BPA.

The iPad was purchased at a Miami Walmart by a guy named Emilio Pereda. He said that when his mother-in-law opened it, and tried to turn it on, as people often do with electronics, she was like, "Is this a joke?" Pereda said that there were no red flags about the device being a phony. He said, "It was completely wrapped with this wrapper from Walmart with your sku number that matches the receipt."

Apparently, what happened is someone bought an iPad, took an iPad, then returned Fake iPad, which is what Pereda wound up purchasing. A Walmart rep said: "Walmart takes this very seriously and we apologize profusely to the customer." They also agreed to fully refund the money or ensure Pereda receives a real iPad.

Man. That had to have been awkward when Pereda's mother-in-law opened the gift. I mean, there he was (probably), sitting there all excited for her to be dazzled by this amazing gift (probably). To then see it's just a piece of crap? Bummer Heights High.

So, I guess the moral of the story here is before buying fancy, high-priced electronics, take them out of the box and turn them on. Maybe take a funny photo with whatever gadget you're looking at -- and leave it on the device even if you decide not to buy it. The person who does will appreciate it. I know from experience.

And don't buy online -- unless it's from the actual company. Last year alone, on any given day, 18,000 fakes and clones resembling the iPad and Android devices were available on 23 different e-commerce sites.

That's a lot of fake iPads. And when you think about it that way, the odds of you getting one are pretty high.

Do you test your products out before buying them? And by "test" I mean check to see that they're not really just hunks of plastic.


Image via bfishshadow/Flickr



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tuffy... tuffymama

That sucks. At least they're going to replace it!

holli... holli01683

I may be wrong about this, but don't most electronics have to be charged up before you can turn them on?

jkp-buff jkp-buff

And most of them don't let you take them out of the packaging before purchase. If they have been opened and you need to return them, stores often charge a restocking fee.

This is 100% the fault of whoever in the store received the fraudulent return and failed to check it over before restocking it.

elk571 elk571

This is nothing new; when I worked for a mass merchandiser in college as a theft and fraud officer abt a decade ago, ppl were doing this too.  It was very common for us to find bricks in place of electronics, even flour mixtures in place of baby formula!  It is hard to distinguish between the purchaser trying to return it being the one who switched them, and employee w/ access to it in the store/backrooms, or the person that [supposedly] returned it before the person bought it being at fault (b/c often times there was no return in the store on that item, so WHO exactly did it?)  Glad the store makes enough money to cover a replacement w/out being able to recover the costs, though in this economy, I wonder how much longer that will last!

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