5 Awesome Tablet Tricks That Will Make Moms' Lives WAY Easier

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Google's Nexus 7
Google's Nexus 7
Moms, do you see commercials and advertisements for e-readers and tablets and barely give them a second glance, because, pfft, the odds of you spending your time, and money, on something that's clearly an invention for people who have boatloads of time are nil? Well, stop! Give those bad boys a second glance, because tablets and readers are a mom's best friend. Okay, maybe they're not a mom's best friend. But they're a good friend. A friend that will totally go out for cocktails with you on a Wednesday night after the kids are in bed -- with barely any notice!

Madres, listen up. Here are five awesome "mom tricks" you can do with tablets. Promise, they'll make your life easier.

Google's Nexus 7 Tablet: The Maps Feature. If you have a new iPhone -- or downloaded the latest software for your iPhone -- you're probably none too pleased with their maps features. Because it's a complete mess. With Google's Nexus 7, you get, well, Google Maps -- which are working maps! But that's not the best part. The best part is their maps can also be saved so you can look them up offline. Just download a few maps of places you'll be traveling to while at home, and then, boom, use it when you're out. Less time lost = less toddler tantrums. 

Also, worth mentioning that with the Nexus 7, you can easily find a kid-friendly restaurant or a bathroom or whatever you're looking for with the touch of a button.

Google's Nexus 7 Tablet: The Voice Command. Hey, I love Siri just as much as the next gal, but let's be honest here, sometimes she has no idea what the hell we're saying. The voice command feature on the Nexus is bomb. And any time a mom doesn't have to use her hands is aces in our book.

Apple's iPad: The Keyboard. You don't need to have an iPhone and a MacBook and an iPad. Really, you just need an iPad. It's paper-thin, so lugging it around can't really be considered "lugging", and the best part, if you're missing an actual keyboard, you can connect a wireless one to it. Voila, a "real" computer.

Apple's iPad: Find My iPhone (or iPad). Apple's Find My iPad works for all iCloud users. Just go in your Settings to your iCloud, enter your Apple ID, and then turn Find My iPad on near the bottom of the screen. Now if you lose your phone or tablet, you can go to icloud.com to locate it. But you probably won't need that, right? Moms never lose anything.

Amazon's Kindle: Play Minesweeper or GoMoku. Did you know your Kindle has hidden a copy of Minesweeper? I know! Simply press Alt, Shift, and M simultaneously. Use the arrow keys to navigate and the select button to mark a mine, and when you get bored, press G to play GoMoku, a version of Tic-Tac-Toe. Endless entertainment, right at your fingertips. Until your kids get bored.

Do you have a tablet?


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Heather Noel

I have the Galaxy note phone and it is the bomb!!  I use it for everything from finding the Kids eat Free schedule of local restuarants, to videos of the kiddies, I downloaded the free piano so my toddler gets to play on the go, I use it as a reader for storytime , i can even put it to read to her in the car. Game play is  fabulous, I have flash cards of the alphabet, we have zoo games,  art programs a bit of everything! Its saved my sanity on more than one occasion lol and its a great tool for us to enjoy together!


Shawc... Shawchert

I have the Android Xoom, it's very nice for what I wanted it for and well worth it's money!! Lots of apps for children and that's growing every day :D Not to mention helpful apps for mommy too :3

choli... cholita1978

I have to say the iPad was worth every penny, the iCloud makes everything much easier, the educational apps for dd are great

Wagnuka Wagnuka

That's great and all but, unfortunately, none of those fantastic features make them any less expensive :-(

Kayla Still

I love my kindle fire, just wish they had come out with better speakers with the first generation.. love my pandora radio...

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