Friending Your Boss on Facebook: Would You Dare?

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FacebookDeciding whether to be Facebook friends with your colleagues is a tricky business, and it's even trickier when that friend request comes from your boss. Should you friend your boss on Facebook? Probably not.

Apparently whether your boss is a man or a woman -- and how much information they share about themselves -- impacts your Facebook-friending decision, new research shows. Female bosses who share a lot are more likely to be friended. Male bosses? Not so much.

"It's the creep factor," researcher Nancy Rothbard told The Washington Post.

It's interesting to think about. I've personally made sure to keep my direct manager at a distance on Facebook, but only for as long as that person was my boss. My last few have been women, and I didn't friend them until I moved on to new positions. Colleagues, though, even if they were higher-ups, I've been willing to friend -- both men and women. As long as I liked them.

After my last manager told me she was resigning to take a new job, I sent her a Facebook friend request.

But the blurring line between personal and professional is hard to navigate, I agree. I don't want to know that much about some of the people I've worked with. And I've been leery to friend bosses lest those photos of me having Sunday brunch cast suspicions on my Monday sick day. Also, it's kind of creepy to think about men I work with looking at pictures of my nieces.

As far as I'm concerned, I'd like to keep that boundary intact between my boss and me. Some lines just don't need to be crossed.

Would you be friends with your boss on Facebook? Are you already?


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nonmember avatar Tst

I was friends with my last boss, although now I'm a sahm. She was an almost 80 year old woman though- and I don't drink or party- so my page is just a constant stream of kid pics. Nothing to be worried about.

MarGeee MarGeee


stace... stacey541

I have a policy of not friending any coworkers. Once they leave or I leave I will gladly friend them, but while we are both employed by the same company I won't. There is just too much sticky area there-I don't want to worry about saying something that could get me in trouble at work.

Jespren Jespren

I don't say anything on FB I wouldn't say in real life so it's simple for me: if I'm friends in rl, we can be friends in FB. My bosses all predate the FB craze, but I've had superiors who I was friends with, and I've had superiors I was not friends with. Same with coworkers.

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