Apple Sold 3 Million New iPads in 3 Days -- Would You Buy One?

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Apple iPad MiniApple's newest additions, the iPad mini and the fourth-generation iPad, are selling like hotcakes. People bought more than 3 million iPads and minis in the first three days they were available. That's a lotta iPads.

The new gadgets went on sale just last week, and so far only the Wi-Fi versions are available. The 3G and 4G ones will hit the streets soon. The iPad mini sports a 7.9-inch screen, smaller than the regular 9.7-inch iPad. It's thin as a pencil, 7.2mm wide, and weighs .68 lbs. Which is basically like weighing nothing at all.

It's a great alternative to the bigger iPad for the mom-on-the-go who wants to pretend she's checking her email while really reading Fifty Shades of Grey when waiting to pick up the kids. I think I need one.

I've had an old first-generation iPad for years, and I love it. I love using it to read, to watch Netflix or streaming video through Amazon Prime. I love playing Angry Birds on it, or sorting through pictures. But even when the newer versions came out -- first with one camera, then two cameras, and then Apple's super-snazzy retina display -- I was cool keeping my old iPad.

But its biggest drawback has been its weight. I can't hold it in one hand comfortably, so I've never been able to use it when I commute. Instead, I have a Kindle for reading. I love the iPad reader experience, though. It's so easy to make notes and save favorite passages.

But with the cheapest new model, the 16GB Wi-Fi version, going for $329, it's not exactly free. It's expensive enough that I haven't jumped up and bought one yet. Still, I know what I'm asking for this Christmas, hopefully just in time to read the next Fifty Shades sequel. (And yes, I totally want to read the story from Christian's point of view. Hot!)

Do you think you'll try out the new iPad mini?


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