Facebook Can Make You Fat, Broke & Lazy but That's Not the Worst Part

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Credit DebtThis is a huge bummer if it's true, because I really love Facebook. But a new study found that the more you're on Facebook, the lower your self-control. The lower your self-control, the more likely you are to do things like break your diet or break your budget and rack up credit card debt.

Frequent Facebookers were more likely to choose cookies over granola bars, because apparently looking at the lives of our close friends makes us feel warm and fuzzy -- boosting our self-esteem -- which makes us think we deserve a treat.

This makes me want to cancel my Facebook account.

And the more you like your friends, the more vulnerable you are to packing on the pounds. "It really only happens when the people you're connected to are close friends -- 'strong ties' -- because you care about these people," said Andrew Stephen, one of the researchers who did the study.

It gets worse. Not only will you reach for the Ben & Jerry's instead of the rice cakes after perusing the profiles of your besties, you're more likely to give up on word puzzles (well, who wants to do those?) and you're more likely to have credit-card debt. "Even after just five minutes of Facebook use, people showed higher levels of self-esteem and a reduction in observable self-control," Stephen said. FML. 

What can we do if we just can't break the Facebook addiction but don't want to cut up our MasterCards after we have to buy new fat pants? Just don't do it.


"Just think, I'm going to correct myself and go out of my way to not have that lapse of self-control," Stephen said. Because yeeeeeeeah. That works really well.

I'm not sure what the point of figuring out that Facebook causes us to make bad decisions is if the answer to the problem is "don't." But maybe I'll think twice before looking at all those vacation photos my pals are posting unless I think I've got some spare time to spend at the gym. Maybe.

Would you quit Facebook if it made you pack on the pounds?

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jessi... jessicasmom1

yipeee ... no doubt don't buy things like facebook creidts and leave you banking info ...I know someone personally who just lost 500 by being hacked... silly silly 

Jenn8604 Jenn8604

So having self esteem makes people fat.I will be a very fat person with high self esteem then

Dina M. Zimbone-Pinkham

I don't believe any of this. I am trying to quit smoking and being on facebook is keeping me entertained enough not to want to light up!! I drink my coffee or tea and thats it. I do not eat at my computer so no weight gain here and when I am done I log off and do what I need to do. Self Control people thats all it is.

nonmember avatar Jennifer

I always thought the word going around about facebook was that it caused depression...bc people were comparing their life to others ? I don't believe any of it anyway.

nonmember avatar 4evermyboys

Nope, not buying it. If you aren't motivated, you're not going to make improvements whether or not you're logging time on FB.

Wanda Mckenzie

I have never heard anything so stupid in my life!!!I actually use my stationary bike for exercise while I'm on FACEBOOK and I don't eat cookies at all ,as a matter of fact I had a granola bar earlier today.I don't even buy cookies or sweets like that at  all ,they are terrible for my kids teeth.I wonder what age group was studied...because this is so silly My 4th and 5th graders would laugh  about it and point out how wrong it is.

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