Facebook Posts About the Election Will Make Your Friends Hate You

facebook likeIt creeps up in your Facebook feed. It's splattered all over your friend's page. It's their political beliefs ... on crack. The hurtful memes. The hate campaigns. The altered images of candidates to look like Eddie Munster or some barbaric animal ready to rip your voting head off. Those unflattering photos of President Barack Obama, VP Joe Biden, Mitt Romney, and Paul Ryan with their mouth open, frowning, eyes caught in a strange moment looking like an extra on The Walking Dead. There are the captions, the claims, the uninformed opinions. No matter who you are voting for, everyone is victim.

Some of these postings I see on Facebook are starting to get to me, even if they are mocking or beating down the candidate I am against. It's those over-the-top truly hurtful and outlandish boastings that -- no matter how hard I try -- makes me like some friends slightly less.


The mudslinging. It divides us. As a country. And as friends. I respect who you are voting for even if it doesn't match my choice, and I do like the smart op ed postings calling the candidates out on things, making us think -- question. We should question politicians.

But seeing the hateful posts makes me want to hide those friends' postings until after the election. Or longer if their candidate loses. I'm all for posting whatever the heck you want on your facebook page because ... well ... it's your facebook page. But I'm also all for protecting our friendship. And in these heated times, I don't want to get caught up and judge you.

I'm just not into slamming the President or the man who may become President. Even if I am 100 percent sure I am not going to vote for the man. And even if the man I'm voting against wins, I will respect him. I won't be crude or vulgar. I may not like everything any president does or says, but I do my best to keep it clean -- express my dislike of whatever it may be in an effective way and try not to hit below the belt. Why? Because I am an American. I love this country -- I'm not the kind who threatens to flee to Canada if I don't get my way.

Still, it can be hard during this very impassioned times to not get caught up in everything. It can be difficult not to want to run your car through your neighbor's lawn on a rainy day, spinning your tires and digging up the grass because of their political sign letting you know you aren't voting for the same guy. Do you think they would eat the poison pie I bake for them this Tuesday?

Of course I would never do that.

A couple more days, my friends, and then maybe a few days after the election (so I can avoid the gloating or vitriol ... and the ones I've hidden or avoid on Facebook will return to my feed again.

Do you find that you "hate" some friends because of their political postings on Facebook? Have you been surprised by friends who are voting different than you?


Image via birgerking/Flickr

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