5 Reasons Not to Friend Your Kid on Facebook

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facebookKids these days. Our little ones -- whether they're teeny-tiny newborns or pre-teens -- will never know a world without social media. Kind of sad, but true. Long gone are the days of children holing up in a closet, with a tangly phone cord stretched out underneath the crack. Now, it's all about the computer. Or the smartphone. And, moreover, Facebook.

Of course we want to trust our kids -- and vice versa -- but here are 5 reasons we shouldn't friend our children on Facebook. At least for a little while.

Trust. Like I mentioned above, you want to establish trust between your child and yourself. It might feel weird to not be friends with your child on Facebook, but it'll speak volumes.

It might be a wee bit embarrassing for them. Unfortunately, no matter how great our relationships with our kids are, there will, most likely, come a point when they're kind of sort of embarrassed of us (even though we're totally awesome). And that point will probably come around the time they start using Facebook.

Our parents didn't friend us on Facebook when we were kids, and we're fine! Okay, they didn't have a choice, as Facebook didn't exist then, but you get what I'm saying, right?

Some of the crap we post on Facebook, we might not want our kids to see either. I'm not talking about sexy photos or profanity-laced status updates here, I'm just talking about our "adult, non-parent life". It's kind of like seeing your teacher outside of school for the first time -- it can just be a little odd.

Give them time. You should become friends with your child on Facebook eventually -- it's your kid after all! But maybe give them a tiny bit of time before you're all up on their wall. If you feel comfortable with it, have your child make their profile partially visible, so you can see what's up. But if you're, understandably, not comfortable with that, make sure there's a way to check up on things.

Did you friend your child on Facebook? Did you give them time before doing so? Do you let your child use Facebook at all?

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Erin Kull

why would you want your kid to have a public profile???

2cent... 2centsCDN

Only my oldest is one fb now and its only because he is over 13 and he is my friend, otherwise there's no fb. I don't have a public profile, why would I want my child's profile to be out there for everyone?? He's friends with Aunts, Uncles, even his Grandmother...why should being my friend make him feel embarassed? It's called mutual respect, I don't post silly things on his wall and he doesn't send me stupid game requests. It speaks volumns to me about a parent child relationship when the parent isn't friends with their own child.

kkey75 kkey75

Allowing your child to have a public Facebook profile is not only stupid, it's dangerous. There are predators out there who look specifically for those profiles. It's a good way to have your child stalked, kidnapped, sexually assaulted or worse. Are you insane? My own profile is "friends only" because I have pictures of my child on it. Why on earth would you even consider inviting pedophiles to look at your child's updated, photos, check-ins etc? To recommend this makes me wonder if you have any sense at all.

kkey75 kkey75

Interesting how now all points to a public profile are removed. I'm just glad the author realized her error.

momto... momtolittleg

I don't know that I'll friend my DD when she eventually has a FB (will FB still be around in 10 years?), but I would make sure that I knew her password.  Even as a friend, you can still block people from seeing stuff, so that isn't the best way to monitor.

Mary Cimino

My kids will hate me when it's social media time. I will know ALL thier passwords, no smart phones until they prove to me that they can handle a phone responsibly. That's right, a cheap indestructible Nokia without a camera (If I can find one) for them. No Public profiles and the computer they will have access to will be in the living room. Am I paranoid? Yes, yes I am.

fanta... fantasticfour

All three kids have facebooks and I am friends on all of them.  Sure there are ways to block what I say or what they say from each other, but it is also a fun way to interact with them.

Celti... CelticFaerie

Not only are my kids friends with me on Facebook, many of their friends have sent me friend requests. I never say anything on FB that I would not say in person. I also do not post pictures or anything else that would be embarassing to me, my kids, my husband or friends period. Although we have a uniquly close family even their friends love to hang out with us. My son only has one to play games and to follow his favorite films anyway. 

mompam mompam

My son was on fb long before I was. 4 years before me! But I always knew his password and checked it every day. I still do. Now I am his friend, but he wouldn't list me as his mother. At 17 he is over fb. Now its Twitter and chic.

mompam mompam

chic = xbox!!! auto correct! haha

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