5 Unnecessary Facebook Posts From Parents

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Some Facebook posts are great. Some Facebook posts are offensive. Some Facebook posts make us feel like shit. But other Facebook posts? They're just completely and totally unnecessary.

I know, I know, it's your profile and you'll post what you want to. But seriously, dude, you can skip the status update that details your day ("Gym, then shower, then dinner with the girls!"), and, well, just get on with it. Think of all the time you'll save! You can maybe squeeze in a game of Solitaire or make yourself a smoothie!

Here are 5 Facebook posts that are totally unnecessary.

The photo of what you're eating. Unless it's an amazing birthday cake you crafted, or something that's accompanied by a recipe, it's just not necessary. (Food stylists exempt.)

The status update that says you're tired. This one goes out to Kim Kardashian's Twitter page, which is rife with "SooOooO sleepy/Night-night/Time for bed!" messages. If you want to elaborate as to why you're tired, go for it! But just a simple "I'm sleepy" update can be skipped, as it's really not very interesting reading.

Vaguebooking. You know the updates I'm talking about. The ones that are shrouded in mystery, yet begging for an inquiry. "I can't believe I'm going to do this." What?! What are you going to do?! Just say it. You know you're going to after a million back and forths with people commenting. It'll save you a lot of time.

The "Ahh, finally a moment to myself" update. Just saying. The solo time you've been dreaming about might be better spent elsewhere.

The "I'm thinking of quitting Facebook" update. Come on, you're not really thinking of quitting. You just want your friends to tell you not to!

What Facebook posts do you find unnecessary? Not offensive. Not rude. Unnecessary.


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nonmember avatar Jess

Pretty sure you could take out the "From Parents" part of the title. Since none of those posts had anything to do with parenting....

Julie Petrenko

I could skip the "Let me give you a list of everything that I did today"  Everyone has a laundry list of crap they did today.  It's call life. 


THANK you, Julie!! I have a friend who lives to tell the world exactly how many loads of laundry she did, what she's making for dinner, how much homework she helped her kids with... I guess she wants us to know how wonderful she is? Meanwhile, she's probably screaming at her kids to leave her alone while she's on FB, cause she's on there ALL the time.

Baybe... Baybeelove88

But really, aren't all Facebook updates unnecessary?

jmama... jmama0307

I really dislike that some people complain in most of there status about every single thing of their life. Some also lies saying Making moves. Umm really? Where? I know you don't got a job so what moves.

Amy Wallace

the ones that bug me are the ones talking about how bad there life is i mean it can't be all that bad if you can get on fb and tell about it just sp ppl can tell you it will be ok or Man bashing it drives me crazy maybe they should change something about them selfs if finding a Good man is all that hard for them todo just saying !!!!

Kelley Blalock Thornton

The "I'm deleting some people from my friends list" update...then goes on to tell you why they are deleting friends... yaddie ya ya ya..who cares!

Misty... Misty.Dawn

what exactly did this have to do with parents? I clicked on this thinking MAYBE it would list something that i do without realizing it...but non-parents do this stuff just as much as parents. Maybe more since they have free time more often to be able to get on fb & post meaningless things...

Savannah Numinen

I have a friend who's always complaining about how $#*tty her life is and how she doesn't want to live...the thing is, I know her family personally and they all love her and try to help her, but she wont let them.

Shandi80 Shandi80

There's a new list like this just about every day. Makes me wonder....is FB even relevant anymore? It used to be fun, but I think the jig is up.

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