Emily Maynard & Jef Holm's Photos Tell Us They're Over

emily maynard
Emily Maynard's Twitter pic
For those of you hoping that the Emily Maynard/Jef Holm breakup rumors are just that -- rumors -- you might want to close your eyes. This is about to get ugly.

Both Emily and Jef have changed their default Twitter photos. I'll pause so you have time to collect yourself .... Crazy, right? If that isn't evidence that these two have called it quits, I don't know what is.

For those of you not active in the social media scene A) congratulations, and B) let me explain what this means. See, a few weeks ago, both Jef and Emily had a photo of the two of them together as their "profile" picture on their Twitter accounts. Now? Now they both have solo shots. I mean, they may as well just get into a public screaming match that ends with someone yelling the sentence: "We are never, ever, ever getting back together." Classic T-Swift humor.

Guys, this is the world we live in now. It's sad, I know. But these days we can't just break up with a person like normal human beings have done since the beginning of time. There's no more having a talk with your significant another, deciding it's time to end things, then having everyone find out by word of mouth. You need to change out profile photos, update relationship statuses, and delete any and all photos of you and said person. It's exhausting. And when you think about it, it's kind of ridiculous.

Technology has pretty much made it easy to erase people from our lives. Including significant others. In the past, we had to physically get rid of pictures of us and old boyfriends/girlfriends. It was harder. It took more. Now? We just have to hit delete, and then "change profile photo." And there are no phone calls to make. No telling people "we broke up." Everyone just knows by looking at your Twitter or Facebook page. There's really nothing very personal about the process at all.

So, Jef. Emily. Hope you both are doing okay. Because even if you haven't officially announced your breakup yet, we know it's true. A Twitter photo change is as good as a press release.

Do you think Emily and Jef broke up?


Image via Emily Maynard/Twitter

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Carol Cromer

Emily has been on her own far too long to be able to share her life and her daughter with anyone.

Camille Cudak

 Thats what happens when you are financially stable and content with her life and im sure she is busy with her daughter and all. Im the same way.

nonmember avatar Matt

Wouldn't it be a great idea to post single photos on Twitter after being pictured together if you wanted quick publicity....But who would think of that?

Marilyn Richards-Snow

I just think it's funny ho the tabloids jump all over this JUSY BECAUSE they changed a picture. Wow, they are broken up becasue they changed their twitter picture. Do you really know how that sounds. You guys are really misisng a few screws.

Jeanne Stewart

That's not what is showing on Instagram! I wouldn't go by pictures on twitter LOL

Angie... AngieDawn28

is this article for real?!

well step the presses, i just changed my FB profile pic from one of my and hubs to one of me and my sis...looks like we're headed for divorce.

you people are must be lacking something in your lives to stalk celeb twitter and fb accounts to even notice they've changed thier default pics. of course, i don't go on twitter and don't follow celebs on fb, so maybe this is the norm?

nonmember avatar Donna

Just read this so if it's true, then all the comments making fun of this might want to rethink their stance!! - Jef took it to his personal Facebook page and changed his status from "engaged" to "single."

lmile2 lmile2

Their new twitter photo also looking beautiful and in simple dressing with baby.

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tuneseo tuneseo

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raok7 raok7

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