5 Ways Technology Makes You Miss Your Kids' Childhood

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baby cell phoneTechnology has made our lives markedly more convenient. If we can't make it into the office, no problem -- just work on your computer at home. If you're running late -- just shoot someone a text. And being a tech-savvy parent has its perks, too. Things like NetClassroom and Google Alerts make it harder for older kids to pull one over on us. But, on the flip-side of the coin, technology actually hurts us as parents, also. Oh yes, I'm going there. Here are 5 ways technology makes us miss our children's childhoods.

We're obsessed with capturing everything. How many times have you ran and got your camera -- or your iPhone -- in the hopes of capturing something totally adorable your child is doing? And how many times has your child stopped doing said adorable thing while you were off finding your phone? Mmm-hmm.

We look at our kids through video monitors (or audio ones) instead of checking on them in real life. I'll be the first to admit, video monitors are convenient as all hell. You don't have to disturb your sleeping babe, but can still make sure they don't have a limb hanging out of their crib. But there is nothing on this Earth like seeing your child sleeping in the flesh -- and of course giving their tiny diaper butt a sweet, little rub.

We're constantly accessible to other people, which, in some ways, makes us inaccessible to our kids. I'm a big believer in leaving my cellphone alone when I'm with my baby. But sometimes, it isn't totally possible. A phone call I've been waiting for may come in, or hey, I might need to use my phone to text someone an adorable picture I just took.

We Google, Google, Google. Google really is a curse and a blessing. On one hand, it's great for getting quick (possibly accurate) answers. But on the other, it's turned lots of parents into crazy hypochondriacs. Remember, Google's a worst-case-scenario kind of place. We may not be missing our kids' childhoods with this one, but we definitely may be passing on our alarmist ways to them.

We order things online. Online shopping is great in that it's awesome to get a pile-o-diapers delivered to your doorstep, but there was something magical-seeming about our parents waking up at the crack of dawn in order to ensure we had a Cabbage Patch Kid for Christmas. We don't really get that, do we?

Do you use technology around your kids?


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the4m... the4mutts

I do, and I don't feel it makes us miss out on anything. Do you really think kids care HOW their toys get therefor christmas/birthdays, as long as they get there?

And the camera/phone for pictures, even if you miss the shot, that doesn't mean you didn't see the action to begin with, just that you missed the chance to capture it.

Video monitors, I have no clue, I thought they were stupid, so I never got one. My kids' room isn't a mile away, its a hallway away. I just got off my butt & checked on them.

Phone calls/txts while you're playing with your kid(s), as long as you're not on the phone for an hr or 5, you're not missing anything, and your kid most likely doesn't care as long as you still acknowledge their little "mom, look @ me!" Moments.

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