11 Ways Technology Can Kill Your Relationship

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I don't think it's just me when I say that there are so many ways to screw up a relationship now. It used to be fairly big things like standing someone up, cheating, being a big-time loser. Now I hear of people breaking up over of some of the most bizarre things like, "He followed his ex-girlfriend on Twitter but he still wasn't following me." I mean, maybe that isn't so bizarre. Maybe that's just the world we live in now. Technology is infused with so much meaning. And there are so many ways to misread things! Or to read them correctly. Who the hell knows. At least there's a site that will interpret text messages for us.

But I do know that you can screw up your relationship big time by being careless about technology. Here are 11 things you want to avoid if you hope to keep your relationship going.

Texting too much random crap. A friend of mine recently met a guy and gave him her number. He seemed like a cool dude. But within hours he was texting her non-stop random bullshit. "Hey, I'm having pizza right now." "Boy do I have a hankering for some ice cream." "I'm watching TV!" It was non-stop text message updates about his (admittedly pathetic) life. Not to mention it never occurred to him to text, "Would you like to go to dinner tomorrow night?" Laters, babbling textaholic.

Friending every single female you meet. I once dated a guy who, every single time he went out by himself or with his buddies, he ended up with 10 new female Facebook friends the next day. They were never male. I have no idea if he had an interest in any of them. But obviously he was giving out his first and last name (or getting theirs) to every woman he'd meet in a 20-mile radius on nights he was out. Doesn't exactly give a good mental picture of what goes on during nights when your man isn't with you.

Posting flirty stuff on female friends' walls and letting them do it to yours. Hellooooo ... that stuff is public. Every one of your friends -- including the one you're dating -- can see your flirty nonsense.

Password protecting everything. You've got a password on your computer, your phone, your iPad, your front door, in short, everything. And you're not in the CIA? Then sumpthin' UP.

Google. There are quite a few ways that Google can throw a wrench into a relationship. One is by erasing your search history. Who does that? Someone with something to hide, that's who. But not doing it and then having your SO see that you Googled all of your exes and key words like "horny college girls" can also put you in the dog house. Use Google wisely.

Sending out weird tweets. There's nothing like accepting a date with a guy who seems nice and normal only to view his tweet log and realize that every single tweet is a hysterical ALL CAPPED message railing against the government or trying to get some celebrity's attention. On the other hand, this does serve as a good early red flag.

Obsessively monitoring your phone. No, you don't need to bring your phone into the bathroom. Or leave it next to you all night in bed. Or have it glued to the palm of your hand every second of every freaking day. You're either a phone addict or you're up to no good.

Refusing to have your status as "In a Relationship." I don't care what excuses someone comes up with, if you want his or her FB status to acknowledge your relationship and he/she refuses, there's a problem. The "I'm a private person" excuse is for the birds. A private person wouldn't be on FB to begin with.

Friending too early. Don't send out a friend request after one date. Or even two. Friending too soon smacks of someone with control issues. And it can be awkward when you don't want to keep dating a guy, but he's still on your friends list. Save becoming Facebook buddies for when you have your first child. Haha. Kidding. But at least wait a month or two.

Dating sites. If you're telling your partner you're not dating anyone else, then get the hell off the dating sites. Period. I don't care that some ghost came in the middle of the night and reactivated his profile without his knowledge. If he's on a dating site, for ANY reason, give him the boot.

"Skype me." Unless you're having a long-distance relationship, don't EVER utter those words.

Can you think of any other ways technology can ruin a relationship?


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nonmember avatar KT

In this world of expensive technology, online accounts with credit everything? Whoever doesn't put a password on everything is being irresponsible.
And refusing to have a status "in relationship" is more than reasonable-if for personal or professional reasons, you do not post ANY relationship information online.

nonmember avatar Felicity

Personally there isn't a massive issue with not wanting to put your relationship status on facebook. You can have some aspects of your life be private for example your home address and connect with friends on facebook. I'd be more concerned if I couldn't meet his/ her friends, family, etc. for "some reason". Not everyone is a facebook addict so may not feel inclined to update their status seeing as you have the option to not have it there in the first place. Being entitled to put what you want on YOUR profile doesn't mean you're harboring secrets.

nonmember avatar Cynthia

I could add to the Dating Sites point. A lot of "behind the screen" interaction is made without other users seeing it. Online Dating has an option to flirt by message, a poke, a wink and interact so it's under wraps.

It can be pretty weird when a first message turns too creepy, too fast. Guess this could happen on any social media site too!

nonmember avatar Naru

Nah, most of this stuff I'm personally okay with.
I >like< flirting with my friends! I don't >mind< if my partner does it!
I like texting about random things. It's funny for me.
I bring my phone everywhere, it's a habit.
Passwords are mandatory these days, also, for good reasons!
Now dating sites? Yeah who >uses< those!?
Some of the other things are whatever to me, but there aren't really any that would be worth the end of a relationship.

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