Unbelievable Man Steals iPhone From Innocent Baby (VIDEO)

iphoneThe iPhone. It's a highly coveted -- highly stolen -- piece of technology if there ever was one. And the easiest person to lift one from is a baby. Let's face it -- babies are smaller than most, less intelligent than most, and it's really not that hard to dupe them. Which makes stealing from them all the more awful!

Danielle Hinnigan was out shopping with her 20-month-old daughter, Luella. And like lots of busy moms are wont to do these days, she gave her kid her iPhone to occupy her for a bit. Little Luella was sitting there enjoying some Barney and Friends, when -- hey, what's this! -- a man approaches her and -- pluck! -- snatches the iPhone out of her tiny hands.

If you're in the mood to feel feisty today, check out this video of a man stealing an iPhone out a baby's hands. It's the epitome of class if you've ever seen it.



Ah, if this doesn't restore your faith in humanity, I don't know what will. I mean, come on, people! Is this what technology, Apple products in particular, have turned us into? Heathens willing to snatch an iPhone from a child? Muggers who refuse BlackBerrys in hopes of only pilfering iPhones? This is crazy! And this definitely isn't what Steve Jobs would have wanted.

This video raises another question about technology, though. Something that goes beyond our mere obsession with Apple products. With all the advancements that have been made over the years in cameras, why the hell is security footage still so blurry?!

A man stealing an iPhone from a baby: Let's talk about it.

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