Brittany Kerr 'Cheats' With Jason Aldean & the Stone-Throwing Mob Attacks

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Hey, everybody, remember the days when the village elders would make a woman wear a scarlet letter if she were an adulteress? I'm not sure what they did to the guy. Probably gave him a "talking to." Well, who needs village elders anymore? We've got Twitter and Facebook! Oh, thank goodness for the moral compass of our online pals who keep the world fresh and rosy and free from evildoers.

This weekend, they took down two sinners by the names of Jason Aldean and Brittany Kerr. Jason is a famous country singer and Brittany is a not-so-famous country singer who was once on American Idol. And, oh my sweet lord, they flirted in a bar!!! Jason is married, y'all. Married!! We must avenge a woman we don't know and will never know! Yes, we must. Let's get on Twitter and Facebook and berate the sinners until they quit social media! Ahh, then the world can rest in peace.

The site of this horrific transgression was a Los Angeles bar on the Sunset Strip. The married Jason was in town for a show and met the comely scarlet woman Brittany after a few too many Jagermeisters. Whispers in ear, hand on buttocks, and even a kiss ensued. The horror ... the horror ...

Someone took pics of this outrage and sold them to TMZ. After TMZ posted them, Twitter and Facebook went WILD with opprobrium. Brittany was called the predicable "whore" and "homewrecker." Wrote someone on her FB wall: "I see you followed in the footsteps of LeAnn Rimes. Your family must be so proud!"

TMZ says that Jason didn't go digitally untorched either, but I don't see any rocks thrown at him on his FB wall. Perhaps someone removed them. At any rate, I'm sure Brittany got the worst of it. Her Twitter account has been shut down. For the record, sources say that Brittany had no idea Jason was married. And Jason apologized on his Facebook page, blaming the indiscretion on too much booze.

Technology really has become like the old stoning mobs of yore. At least it's better than being literally stoned. But still, being figuratively stoned cannot be fun. Especially when you don't know if a few of these digital "stoners" will decide to bring their hate into reality. It can be scary.

If you're ever tempted to post judgmental nastiness online, ask yourself one question: Instead of doing this, is there something I could do instead to improve my life? At the end of the day, does it affect you whether Jason kissed some girl in a bar? 

If you despise cheating of any sort (hey, I am not fan of it myself), then do something, like, say, make your husband feel loved tonight. Get off the computer and greet him with a big kiss and a sexy smile. Send out some love to someone you know rather than hate to people you don't.

Do you think the online hate sent to Brittany was deserved?


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dirti... dirtiekittie

if she didn't know he was married, how could she be responsible? it just goes to show you that even in this day and age of feminism and forward progression, people still think of women with old fashioned ideals and morals regardless. why isn't he getting all the hate? well for starters, he's the more famous of the two who probably has handlers that take care of his fb / twitter whatever anyway. and i agree with the blogger, it's not anyone else's business but this guy and his wife and their family.

linzemae linzemae

She isn't the one that's married

cmjaz cmjaz

When will married men learn that in the digital age, they aren't going to get away with this kind of crap anymore?

nonmember avatar guest

Really she didn't know he was married? How about asking? I'm betting the girl has a smart phone, with a little something called Google. I am not absolving him, but I don't buy that she's so innocent. The only ones I feel sorry for are his wife and kids.

nonmember avatar Heather-lynn

I didn't know he was married and I'm a country music fan... And I sure do t google everyone one to see what I can find out. Responsibility lies with the one wearing the ring.

nonmember avatar Alma

His wedding ring was very visible in the TMZ video I saw of him stumbling out of the bar, so she's a liar...they both are...and they're both guilty.

bills... billsfan1104

I didnt know he was married either. I bet he has done this before. He just got caught.

Deann... Deanna2872

Am I the only one that finds it absurd that this blogger is upset that people post negative and judgemental things online? Has she read any of her OWN nasty remarks in her blogs? Lol

I knew he was married, and I wouldn't say I'm a fan of country music. Also, the ring might have given her some pause. But, meh- who cares, really? They're both wrong, they should both make amends and move on. It isn't anyone elses business, most certainly not mine-

nonmember avatar TemptedTonite69

Posting Judgemental nastiness, lol, I agree w Deanna girl you couldn't had said it any better. Who gives a ?$@! who he/she screwed its their lives I'm sure they will get through it without the world helping. Happens everyday and not just to high profile singers, actors, etc; But you asked is there anything or something you could do to improve your life well by god yes quit worrying about who's doing who and posting the whole story over it shows your just bored r maybe you were put up to posting it for Brit and could possibly know her uh?? Drama I Say and your a hypocrite. Improve your life by not worrying about the two people who could have screwed and worry about who you gonna screw tonight and the next and the next lmao roff I'm screwing my old man now r is he oops.... Jk but Deanna love your post!

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