Cute Couple's Awesome 'Gangnam Style' Wedding Video Makes Your Wedding Video Look Pathetic (VIDEO)

It's not enough to just get married anymore. No, no, people. It's your big day! You've got to hire a choreographer, a videographer, a whateverographer, film it, upload it to YouTube, and get millions to watch your lively nuptials, which hopefully feature whatever song is popular at the moment. Remember JK Wedding Dance? Seventy-seven million people have watched this couple and their family and friends boogying down the aisle to Chris Brown's "Forever." (Slightly odd choice of artist since it was posted after Rihanna's assault.)

Nor can you even just propose over dinner anymore. Nope! It's gotta be a full-on lip dub video with over 60 people! The latest viral wedding video, which has received an astonishing 1.4 million views in a week, takes on the latest parody craze: South Korean singer PSY's "Gangnam Style" video. It makes Kim Kardashian's wedding look understated.


A couple named Stefani and Jeremy wanted to make their day not only special but viral, so they contacted a local video company to put together something interesting. Since Psy's massive hit is all the dance craze right now -- you know, he's the one who rides an invisible horse? -- they put the wedding to his music. It's pretty amazing.

The video is very professional and you wouldn't even know it was done for a real wedding with a real couple until the end. This couple look like models and dance like pros! Check it out:

This isn't the only "Gangnam Style" parody we've seen recently. A bunch of white-suited Navy hunks just made their own Gangnam splash. Call me lazy, but when it comes to a wedding, I think the living room is the perfect place. No big crowds, no dance routines, no video cameras. Hell, you're not even getting cheese, people. In and out!

But if you've got the time, money, and energy, why not do a big wedding video? It'll be a great thing to show the kids one day. And if you end up divorced, you can always look back on YouTube to remember how you actually liked each other at one point!

Would you ever do a big video on your wedding day?

Image via YouTube

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