The 47% Responds to Mitt Romney in 15 Quotable Zingers

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Well, Mitt Romney has really stepped in it this time. Newly released secret tapes catch the Presidential nominee saying some very controversial statements about half the nation (47 percent to be exact), essentially calling them moochers and tax evaders while inadvertently (probably) lumping in the elderly, disabled war veterans, military troops serving in combat zones, etc. who often fall among that 47 percent who don't pay federal income taxes. Deep sigh.

Romney's long been struggling to shake his "Elitist" label, but he may as well have a capital "E" tattooed on his forehead after the statements he made to a room full of millionaires. This gaffe or shockingly revealing world view, whichever way you see it, isn't going to be swept under the rug either (sorry, Mittens!). Take a look at the Mitt Romney zingers that are already popping up like crazy on Twitter. ZING! OUCH, they sting! 

Let's begin and end with comedian Chris Rock. LOL!

Mitt Romney, the guy who pays no taxes on millions of dollars thinks you're a welfare freeloader. God Bless 47% of America! #RomneyEncore

I guess the moral is "Don't rip on the 47% while they're still in the room serving you drinks" #RomneyEncore

It takes some brass to insult 47% of Americans and not show your own tax returns. #RomneyEncore

Mitt Romney should just talk to an empty chair this morning. That way he can't offend anyone. #RomneyEncore

62% of households who pay no federal tax earn less than $20K/year while Romney takes a $77/K deduction for his dancing horse #RomneyEncore

One's running for President of the UNITED States. The other's running for President of the 1%. #47percent 

I was an army brat, Mitt. I saw military families using food stamps to get by. They sacrifice. You mock them. Shame on you. #RomneyEncore

So @MittRomney calls #47percent of us welfare cheats & tax dodgers. I'll show you my tax returns if you show me yours

BREAKING: Todd Akin asks Mitt Romney to step aside for the good of the party.

Dear Mitt Romney: If you walked in the shoes of the 47%, you'd know that unemployment benefits ARE TAXED. #RomneyEncore

So @MittRomney doesn't support gays, women, minorities, and half the country aside from of all those. He needs to check his math.

Romney statement not only denigrates half the nation but also the elderly and our troops. blakehounshell #RomneyEncore

"The problem with American voters is they're too stressed. They don't spend enough time on their yachts." #RomneyEncore

I am not the #47percent but I would rather my taxes support American families than a dancing horse.

Hey Mitt Romney, You Know That Huge Lead Obama Has? You Built That. #RomneyEncore #GOP2012

What do you think of what Mitt Romney's recently released statements? Do you have a good comeback?

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mustb... mustbeGRACE

So stupid.

It may be you. it's NOT me!

Nor the 50--53 % of people who actuallt pay taxes to the federal government   (  EIC not included) .

More than half the country AGREES W/  Romney..


Caera Caera

He's totally right. The social moochers do vote democrat. Why wouldn't they? The democrats are the ones to make sure they play up the victim mentality, and progress the lie that those on welfare can never make it on their own two feet.

nonmember avatar mm

mustbegrace..Are so noble then to not take ANY deductions including the standard on your 1040? Guess not.

I am in the 53% that do pay taxes each year after deductions. Guess what? One more child added to my family would equal a yearly tax of almost zero. Would that suddenly make me a mooch and tax evader? What about when I retire after decades of paying taxes..or if I become disabled? So I should only get government help the year I paid into it? BS.

Romney stuck his foot in his mouth once again. This time its so deep he may not be able to pull it out. Repubs should be ashamed at thier candidate..way to lose a winable election! Doh!

nonmember avatar EllaGuru

He's not right. He's an elitist, he doesn't want to prove he pays taxes, but that doesn't mean he won't try and enact some of the same policies that Obama is working. From Esquire magazine:

On April 12, 2006, in the sight of God and of Ted Kennedy, and of a guy from the conservative Heritage Foundation who'd been instrumental in guiding him to this moment on the stage in Faneuil Hall, Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts signed into law Chapter 58 of the Acts of 2006: an Act Providing Access to Affordable, Quality, Accountable Health Care. That was too hard for people to remember, so they fastened upon a nickname for it. They called it Romneycare.

nonmember avatar kay

I pay a higher percentage of my income in taxes than Mitt Romney does. Do I get to call him a mooch?

nonmember avatar Amy

All of us enjoy socialized programs. Do you drive on US highways? Do you enjoy corn, wheat, soy or the livestock that feed on those crops? Do you enjoy the security provided by our military? Do you get a child tax credit? What about electricity (yup, big gubmint pays a share of that too!) or water? I hope you didn't attend university because that is also offset by taxes and subsidies.


nonmember avatar guest

interesting. My husband and I support Obama, and we are at one of the income brackets Mitt would consider "his own kind". So.... suck on that.

nonmember avatar guest

interesting. My husband and I support Obama, and we are at one of the income brackets Mitt would consider "his own kind". So.... suck on that.


The 47% will be the ones suffering greatly when austerity measures are instituted because of Obama's spending.

Go ahead, look it up.

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