Mom Saves Her 3-Year-Old's Life With Her iPhone

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menengitis trustParents go to great lengths to ensure their children are safe. They childproof their houses ad nauseam; they take CPR classes before their babies are born; and they'll even spend hours on end researching a crib before purchasing it to make sure it's the best -- safest -- choice for their little one. But perhaps parents need to go a step further. As crazy as it sounds, perhaps parents all oughta own iPhones. After all, a 3-year-old girl's life was just saved because of something her mother did with her iPhone.

Hollie Weeks, 3, wasn't feeling well. She had a headache, was vomiting, and had a stiff neck. Her mom, Claire, started getting worried that it might be something serious, so she checked an app she had downloaded onto her iPhone called Meningitis Signs and Symptoms. Lo and behold, she discovered that her daughter did, in fact, have meningitis. Immediately after going through the checklist, Claire called an ambulance. Doctors now say that if Mom had waited an hour longer, her daughter wouldn't have made it. Wow.

iPhones can be both a blessing and a curse when you have kids. On one hand, they can be a bit distracting with their constant buzzing, chiming, and dinging, signifying every text, email, and Facebook update; but on the other, apparently, they can save your kid's life. Sure, Claire could have gone over to her computer, looked up meningitis symptoms, and found the same info. But an app is so much quicker and more effective -- and she didn't have to leave her sick daughter's side.

So, yeah. I'll be downloading this app, along with a whole mess of other "symptom checker" ones. How about you?

What apps have been most helpful to you as a mom?

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nonmember avatar Tiff

What if you don't have an iphone?

Amy Whiteside Thorne

Um... I don't need an Iphone app to tell me that sounds like meningitis. How bout we use more common sense and stop relying on our phones to tell us EVERYTHING. Just a thought

Jessica Nonnemaker

Stiff neck is the number one indicator of menigitis... Besides the fact that you need an app or google searches to tell you this stuff. If you think there is something wrong, call you Doc's pretty simple. I don't even know why you reported on this story... she really didn't save her daughter's life.. she just acted as a parent is supposed to.

Runni... RunningK52

Um she is having all those symptoms and instead of calling 911 or taking her straight to the ER...she consults with an app on her phone?  Really?  Glad she's ok but some people need to stop relying on technology so dang much.

Jamey Kidd

if your child is sick, you should be taking it to a hospital, not depending on a app on your phone.

Jean Barry Lockyer

Ok for one, u can look up on google for symtoms and any Droid can have a WebMD app(I have one) so the Iphone did NOT save the lil girls life. second instinct should have told the mother that even with fever and  headache call doc to be on the safe side. The doctors wouldve guided her through ?'s and told her to go straight to the ER! So glad the girl is ok

Amber Larae Sigmon

If you have any common sense, you would've been at the er before even thinking about a stupid app. I may not have known those signs were meningitis, but I know something would be seriously wrong for that to happen. People are too reliant on technology. Use your motherly instincts. If you feel something isn't right, it's probably not. Duh.

Marie Molnar



You would be surprised how many parents don't rush their children to the hospital when they should. I know several who will search the internet for a hour looking up the symptoms their kids have after that call everyone in their phone book they know have kids asking them if they should take their children to the er. I know of one parent who is so lazy she will call two or three days later to just make an appointment at her child's pediatrician, and make her child suffer. One time her youngest child turned out to have pneumonia, this child suffered with pneumonia for a while her mother would reschedule her doctor's appointment 2 or 3 times because she didn't want to leave the house, and her IPhone app and internet search told her the symptoms were only the flu. These apps are cool to have but there are parents out there that base their information off the apps and search's, it is always best to get your child to a doctor if there is enough cause to worry you enough to want to check an app.


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