Mom Saves Her 3-Year-Old's Life With Her iPhone

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menengitis trustParents go to great lengths to ensure their children are safe. They childproof their houses ad nauseam; they take CPR classes before their babies are born; and they'll even spend hours on end researching a crib before purchasing it to make sure it's the best -- safest -- choice for their little one. But perhaps parents need to go a step further. As crazy as it sounds, perhaps parents all oughta own iPhones. After all, a 3-year-old girl's life was just saved because of something her mother did with her iPhone.

Hollie Weeks, 3, wasn't feeling well. She had a headache, was vomiting, and had a stiff neck. Her mom, Claire, started getting worried that it might be something serious, so she checked an app she had downloaded onto her iPhone called Meningitis Signs and Symptoms. Lo and behold, she discovered that her daughter did, in fact, have meningitis. Immediately after going through the checklist, Claire called an ambulance. Doctors now say that if Mom had waited an hour longer, her daughter wouldn't have made it. Wow.

iPhones can be both a blessing and a curse when you have kids. On one hand, they can be a bit distracting with their constant buzzing, chiming, and dinging, signifying every text, email, and Facebook update; but on the other, apparently, they can save your kid's life. Sure, Claire could have gone over to her computer, looked up meningitis symptoms, and found the same info. But an app is so much quicker and more effective -- and she didn't have to leave her sick daughter's side.

So, yeah. I'll be downloading this app, along with a whole mess of other "symptom checker" ones. How about you?

What apps have been most helpful to you as a mom?

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Nicol... NicoleMarie1211

My husband and I both have used many parenting apps. When we were 1st time parents, aka clueless and sleep deprived, he had an app that tracked everything out daughter did, how long/much she ate, diapers, sleep. It was really nice to see what kind of patterns she was making and made answering questions at the doctor's very easy.

tcm_mom tcm_mom

I have the WebMD app. I love the symptom checker. It has come in pretty handy with my boys.

MomaL... MomaLlama

To this day, anytime I complain about being sick, my mom says, "Can you touch your chin to your chest?  No strange rashes?"  Meningitis was always the first thing she checked for.  I guess she figured as long as she ruled that out, whatever else I had probably wasn't that serious. 

nonmember avatar Sarah

My daughter had meningitis at 2 weeks old. I was also told that if I had waited an hour longer she would have died as she had stopped breathing on her own shortly after arriving at the ER. Thankfully my baby is now a healthy almost 9 year old. This story hits way too close to home. Thank God this little one made it too.

Tayra... Tayray_hisgirls

Makes me glad my SO has an Iphone. There truly is an app for everything! So glad the girl was okay:)

amazz... amazzonia

I'm not a doctor but I knew that those were meningitis symptoms...

rubst... rubster87

Seriously? You don't need an iphone to google symptoms.

Nancy View

umm... why take a minute to search symptoms? I'm thinking it's not normal for a 3 year old to have those symptoms so save a few minutes and get your ass to urgent care or the ER. wow.

Collette Ojeda

This sounds shady. She just "happened" to think her daughter had meningitis so she downloaded a meningitis app and sure enough her daughter has it? Hmmmm....I dunno about this. Like one poster said, instead of taking the time to download an app, wouldn't you take your kid to the ER or call 911 instead?? Something doesn't sound right here.

nonmember avatar Amanda Codd

I know cell phones are great to have and that app is probably great, but if your kid is sick...dont waste time on your phone, take them to the er/doctor/etc.

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