Creepy Husband Watched Wife's Every Move for Months Without Her Knowing

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cameraMove over creepy dude living in his ex-girlfriend's attic, we now have "husband who filmed his wife -- and other friends and relatives -- for months via all sorts of hidden cameras and microphones." Isn't it a great time to be alive?!

During her divorce proceedings in 2009, Catherine Zang learned that her husband Joseph didn't merely use some jank built-in computer webcam to see what she was up to all day long, but instead allegedly had a hidden video camera installed in their home, which tracked her every move; a microphone behind the wall, which recorded her every sound; and software in the computer, which copied her every email and instant message.

I'm thinking Joseph isn't one to take part in the "trust fall" exercise at the company retreat.

Catherine and Joseph's divorce became final this year, but the drama is still playing out in U.S. District Court. Two lawsuits involving friends and relatives, and a company that produces computer monitoring software, are currently going on. Javier Luis, a Florida man who sued after learning his online conversations with Catherine Zang were monitored, said: "I haven’t seen anything like this before. It’s scary."

It is, scary, Javier. But the thing is, apparently, this is a lot more common than we realize. Lawyers and experts in all things privacy-related are saying that the reason this case is the exception -- is because it's a case at all. Most of the time, people never find out about being spied on, or are too embarrassed to challenge it on a legal level. That's comforting.

I may be old fashioned, but I'm of the mind that if you're really suspicious of someone, particularly your spouse, just confront them. And if they don't cop to whatever suspicious thing you're accusing them of, as suspicious people are wont to do, try to just ... read them. If it seems like they're lying, then beat it. If not, drop it. (I realize things aren't always this cut and dried, and more drastic measures may need to be taken if you suspect your wife is cheating on you -- but you hear what I'm saying, right? Installing all sorts of elaborate surveillance equipment really is ... a bit much.)

So, to add a little creep factor to your weekend, marinate on this: You could be being watched right now -- and have no clue whatsoever. Not a great feeling, right? Pretty ooky. I mean, you're probably not, but you definitely might be. So, just to cover your ass, you best be on your best behavior.

What do you think of this?


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linzemae linzemae

I had an exboyfriend in high school that I suspected would do something like this to me. He would read my letters and wouldn't let me hang out with my friends. He was also a compulsive liar and spread so many rumours about me when I called it off. He tried to friend me on Facebook a couple years ago. I don't think so buddy. Blocked

nonmember avatar Amy

My old bosses did this. My office was bugged and my laptop too. They read every email I ever sent. This all started immediately after starting the job. I have it 18 months to see if I could earn their trust. I have a new job now.

How boring, to monitor someone 24/7.

Mary Cimino

My ex husband somehow installed a cell phone in the dash of my car and had it rigged that it would silently call him when I turned it on. He heard every conversation that happened in my car for months! Only reason I found it is because my flasher went out and while replacing it my mechanic found it. He's in jail now until at least 2032 for attempted murder on me if that tells you anything of what he was like.

bills... billsfan1104

Wow Mary. Thats scary. I hope you are doing well.

Janet Titmus Delettera Midwife

Its not as uncommon as you would think.   Once it happens to you, you are wierded out for life.

Chrissy Sprawling

Wow, my life is to boring to track. I'm pretty much an open book. Why go thru so much trouble to track someone? Just ask them where they are or have been. Most people who are tracking other people are doing it because they  themselves are doing something shady and want to make sure the other person does not accidently show up and see them.

Rebecca Story-Ivey

I dated/lived with a guy that wouldn't allow me to leave the house without him (including stepping out the door). I had to text him every 5 minutes while he was at work and if he asked for a picture, it had to be just as he asked for it. He wanted to put up cameras around the house, but I was going to know they were there. I couldn't even get on the computer without him there to watch what I was doing. The internet was password protected with some greek mythological god's name that i couldn't remember and to make this worse, his mother encouraged this behavior. My mom thinks i was drugged to have put up with it for the three weeks that I did live there, I lost a lot of weight (which i didn't need to) because there was very little in the house to eat. Worst three weeks of my life!

nonmember avatar christina

My first husband rigged our computer to record whenever ge triggered it while he was deployed. He would send me nasty emails about staying up late etc...also had to send timestamped mileage pix the car. He eventually tried to kill our son and me and went to prison where he died in 2011. I had nothing to hide but it got irritating. I was 18 and naive

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