Your Facebook Pic May Say All the Wrong Things About You

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me on facebookDid you know that the comments under your Facebook profile picture say a lot about how the world sees you? That, and the photo itself, show how physically, socially, and professionally attractive we are to other people. You're judged more by that photo and the comments than by anything else on your Facebook page.

Maybe it's time to take down those bathing suit shots? University of Minnesota doctoral student Seoyeon Hong and Professor Kevin Wise say what other people say about you seems to matter more than how you present yourself. When people are checking you out, they want to see what other people think of you, too.

My Facebook profile pic just has a handful of "likes" plus a couple comments: "Hott" and "fritt froo!" Those are just sweet, jokey comments from IRL friends. I guess what that says about me is... I only "friend" people I can trust to be super nice to me online? My privacy settings are high -- or so I think -- and I only allow friends to comment anywhere. (I do also have a public Facebook page where I post some of my Stir posts, though.)

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So far so good, I guess. Though I did have more comments on my previous profile pic, which showed me in a faux leopard-print coat drinking champagne: 10 comments, all positive, though mostly about the coat. Upstaged by my coat! I guess that's better than the profile pic before that:


Anyway, the comments matter, but the social cues you send out matter, too. Social cues would be things like that leopard print coat, or your favorite Frisbee, or your 10,000-foot yacht. These props in the photo tell people what you're all about. Turns out that information is also really helpful.

Maybe my profile pic should have more than just my head? Right now all it seems to be saying is that I know that sunglasses go on my face, and that I'm probably not a vampire. You can't even tell that I'm at the top of the Griffiths Observatory in Los Angeles (not that that would say much about me, since I don't actually live in Los Angeles).

I kind of want to change my profile pic, now! To something that says a little more about me -- and that will also net me a bunch of nice comments from my friends, natch. Maybe a photo of me grilling on my roof deck? And now that I think of it, maybe my Stir Facebook profile pic should show something other than a donut? That kind of says a little too much about me.

What do you think your Facebook profile pic says about you?


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Linda Persons

I didn't find this article helpful at all. Maybe I misunderstood the purpose of the article. I thought it was supposed to tell you what certain photo types say about us...?

livel... livelaughlov26

Mine says I love my son and

Lizzie Gowers

Mine says I like tattoos; my current pic is of my 7th tattoo that I got on my 29th birthday is August.

Mary Renee Reuter

oh my god this article was so crappy but the comments totally made me laugh out loud really hard so in the end it was worth it. I hate when people title an article incorrectly. Instead of this being "What your facebook pic says about you" it should be titled "All about some lady talking about her own facebook pic that nobody cares about" 

The posing chicken? The "frit froo" (which is, I'm sorry to say, just weird... is that the sound people make when they whistle at someone? If not, I can't figure it out) This article has no information. You say "Maybe it's time to take down those bathing suit shots?" but you never expand on it or give a reason. 

BTW, I always thought profile pics of just a head with sunglasses on meant one of two things... either you aren't trying to show how you look because you're hiding behind dark sunglasses and cropped your body out of the photo... or you want to be a movie star/in a biker gang. 

Elizabeth Trosper

Mine is just a picture with me and my husband and we are holding our son. I don't think that says much except that I have my own family and our kid is happy. I think people read into things too much and photos can be taken out of context.

Joseph Gordon

yes do not rely on facebook profile pics. next time ask them to send you out a whole body picture in print. send them toner cartridges ink too

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