5 Photos You Should Never Use for Your Facebook Profile

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bikini pictureChoosing a Facebook profile picture is a bit of an art. You want to, obviously, pick a photo that you look good in; but at the same time, you want to -- or at least should -- pick something appropriate in case anyone other than your closest friends, you know, sees it. That photo of you with a tie knotted around your head, double-fisting gin and tonics? Not a good look. 

So, in the spirit of trying to keep it classy on everyone's favorite social network, here are 5 Facebook photos that should never be your profile picture.

The bathing suit shot. We get it, you're proud of your bikini (or swim trunks) bod -- as you should be. You look good. But it's probably a better idea to tuck that photo somewhere in the depths of an album rather than make it the star shot.

The iPhone in the bathroom mirror shot. You may have caught the most perfect photo of yourself whilst alone in your bathroom, where the lighting is just right, but please. Don't make this picture -- also known as "the MySpace shot" -- your profile. For whatever reason, something about being alone in the bathroom and taking pics of yourself seems a little strange.

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The wasted shot. For obvious reasons. Your boss probably won't think this is cute.

The super old shot. Cheater, cheater, pumpkin-eater. Come on, show us a picture of what you look like now. You might be older, but you're still gorg, dollface.

The cropped shot. The photo of you and 80 of your friends can't be the only picture you look good in. A photo that's been cropped, zoomed in, and "enhanced" via iPhoto is obvious. And, just sayin', it says that you went to a lot of work to get the "perfect profile picture." If you like the way you look so much in the pic, why not just keep everyone in it with you?

What profile pictures don't you like? What's your profile picture?

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Bunny Lee DuChemin Wilson

And obviusly, since I am logged in here from Facebook, you can see what my pic is. My profile pic is rarely a pic of me. Its usually something I am interested in at the time. I change it a lot.

1smar... 1smartcookie

Bathroom pix notwithstanding, I don't understand why people take self portraits in their cars.

femal... femaleMIKE

My boss shouldn't be on my facebook page

Diana Roberts-Deramo

I don't like marajuana leaves on someones profile pic, looks stupid and tells me EXACTLY the kind of person you are. I have a pic of me and lots of my kids and I making funny faces.

Danton Steele

my photo might be of a bronze statue, because the children are there in statue form and it is nice that they are depicted as having a good time. I also like the photos of marine life, whether they are paintings or architecture...like this one I have of a manatee holding a mailbox..because that IS the mailbox where these folks,or independant time-share people pick up their mail.So what is a sweet pea?

Jennifer B Kinghorn

I hate it when girls put up slutty looking mostly naked shots for their cover photo. Hello, not everyone is a lustful guy that wants in your pants. Some of us are female and just want to be your friend, not look at you naked. Makes me very annoyed.

JoAnn Valentine Gray

if you look good pose anyway ya dam well please if you dont look so great put up a more flattering photo ...who cares

Marilee Buchanan

There are very few pictures of me at all, every now and then someone gets lucky :) But in June of 2011.....  I got Married in a bikini in the Keys at the age of 51 and could care less what people think!!  I have to agree to some degree and only because " the world is going to H*** in a hand basket "...as my "Grandma"  would say.  People are judged for what is posted, and sometimes JOBS can be lost. The freedom we brag about is half truth and

will surely get worse with the CHOICES we have to choose from in the up and coming Election ! 

Momma... MommaGreenhalge

Mine is a pic of my boys crawling up a set of stairs on a playground. I am always confused by the car self portraits. Unless you just turned sixteen and got your license, it makes no sense.

Ranti... RantingSyko

What's wrong with my daughter being my profile picture?  Maybe I'd rather see someone's cute kid than THEIR ugly mug?  Why the F are you so worried about everyone else's pic, if you're sick of seeing them, STOP LOOKING!

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