Facebook Chooses Obama as the Next President of the United States

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obamaIf it were up to everybody's favorite social network -- yes, Facebook -- President Obama would mop the floor with Mitt Romney come November and retain his position as the President of the United States. Boom, sucka. Don't let the door hit you on the way out, Mittens!

Forbes recently made the realization that (at the time) Obama's official Facebook page has 28.5 million fans, while Romney's has a measly 6.6 million -- haha, burnt again, Mitt! And then a company called Compass Labs expounded upon this discovery, breaking down what an Obama fan "likes" exactly, what a Romney fan "likes", and where the two meet in the middle. Hint: both conservatives and liberals are Bradley Cooper fans. Weird.

Apparently, Obama fans are video gamers, meditators, and jigsaw-puzzle enthusiasts -- respectively. And they also enjoy the movies The Blind Side and Fast and Furious. Romney-ites are more partial to Atlas Shrugged, 17 Miracles, and The Sound of Music. And they also appear to be older, quilters, gun enthusiasts, churchgoers, and Fox News watchers. However, the two groups meet in the middle via their love for Target, The Hangover, and Family Guy.

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The one edge Romney fans seem to have over Obama fans, though, is they apparently are more "engaged" than their more liberal counterparts on Facebook. They seem to share, comment, and "like" more on certain political subjects. So, there's that.

Is this research at all indicative of whose regime will reign supreme come November? Hard to say. I mean, I don't think it's crazy to surmise that the younger, more tech-obsessed generation skews a bit to the left, correct? So, it's no surprise that Obama is "ahead" in such a medium? On the other hand, though, aren't pretty much all people on Facebook these days -- no matter what their demographic?

Guess we'll just have to wait a few more months to find out ... until then, what do you say we all just play FarmVille together?

Do you think this research is an indication of who will win the 2012 election?


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Armando Mo Mure

Here is what Obama has done for America, so far, for the Mitt lovers. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Things-Obama-has-done/457458970505?sk=info

Marilyn Tavenner

voting for Romney myself so I do hope this is not an indication as to who will win the presidency, but some people do like living off the system, so if they want to continue to do it, they will vote Obama back it,,guess I better go to bed, as I have to go to work and support these people!!

Susan Romano Trader

Republicans favor Faux News, no surprise there. Romney continues to slip in the polls which means more people will be voting for HUMANITY & SANITY.

Gail Nowaczyk

Obama win?? Hes not even an American. He told in his book that he was born in Kenya. Four more years of Obama, we will have more debt on our backs. Look at all the Vacations we have to pay for Michelle, Health Care going up, Doctors qritting, higher Unemployment. Not to mention probably no Military, no Social Security, no Ins for the Military. More Homeless people, and more Abortions. Now come on America, do you really want 4 more years of this crap?? If Obama does get relected. God Help Us All!!!!

itsme... itsmesteph11

LMAO  Ummm, not no but HELL no.

Nancy Jo Allen

For me this election is very difficult to say the least. I voted for Obama, but feel he's fallen for the "politicians" in DC . The economy has fallen almost double what is was when he took office and I see him traveling around , but not addressing issues he was voted in on?! I don't care for Romney as I don't trust him? So what do we really have to vote for?????

nonmember avatar Mel

Well, it's obvious who YOU'RE voting for, lol and so this article becomes really biased. I normally don't participate in commenting for such an article buy I'll humor you this morning. I agree with several posters: Obama has been out there longer so he'll have more likers but the truth is I think R&R show more knowledge/awareness of what's going wrong in this country. And, they won't force you to go against your beliefs. Let me ask you something. When I say consistently low unemployment rate, what do you think of? Hitler?

nonmember avatar michelle

That is because FB is run by a bunch of LIBERALS!!

Ghost... GhostRose

Obama 2012

I find the comment that liberals are loudmouths to be quite hilarious, considering the 30-something comments in the reply area talking shit about the POTUS are Conservative.

Right on, Nicole Fabian-Weber. It was a funny piece.



Jerry Blackburn

"Conservatives are not as in your face as liberals" says the 80% of in your face conservatives responding *first* in this post while simultaneously question the bold on the gun issue. I mean really how dare you put bold on an issue that has recently been a hot topic. What are you some kind of marxist? (clearly I'm kidding, to prove a point of how "not in your face" conservatives THINK they are while screaming IN YOUR FACE)

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