Boss Texts 65 Employees: 'Hi! You're All Fired!' (VIDEO)

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textI can think of about seven or eight ways I'd rather be fired than via text, but hey, this is the digital age, it happens. No, really. It does happen. The owner of a restaurant in Alabama recently let all of his employees know they were out of jobs by texting them. Womp womp.

Peter Demos seems like a super nice guy and a great boss to have. But unfortunately his restaurant wasn't generating much business, so he had to make the executive decision to close up shop, leaving 60+ people unemployed. But hey! He did some really nice things in the process -- he gave his workers severance pay, as well as ample time to find other gigs. But notifying them via text message? What happened to the company meeting?

Texting somebody, "Hey! You're fired!" is awfully impersonal, but in this case, I don't know, I'm sort of with Demos. It's not like everyone was on the same 9-5 schedule there. It's a restaurant; people are coming and going at all hours. To call everyone in just to tell them they're fired seems like a bit of a waste of time.

Texting is the easiest way to communicate now. Sort of sad, but true. Think of how many big moments in people's lives you've found out about through your iPhone or BlackBerry. The birth of a baby, with photo and accompanying height and weight info? Check. The engagement ("We r gettin married - isn't it gr8t?")? Check. The breakup? ("2 sad 2 talk, me n rob broke up :/) Check. And now layoffs.

It's semi-depressing that people rarely talk face-to-face anymore, but when you have a lot of people to relay a message to, as lame as it is, texting really is the most effective way. U no wht i meen? U do? kthnxbai!


What big things have you found out about via text?


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Todd Vrancic

I was all ready to be outraged until I learned that he gave them severance pay, which is almost unheard of when people are let go from restaurants.

Caroline Coghill

I still think it's an unsightly way to fire people. Regardless of the pay, it's tacky. I don't care how technological we've become as an economy, or people, telling someone, something like that face-to-face is a common courtsey. 

Antoinette McCrea

sounds like a Avoidance personality problem

Maurie Perez

It's ok, no big deal. People with comments prior to this one need to start evolving :p

saphi... saphiraka

While it is an awful way to find out you lost your job I can't say I blame the poor boss.  Can you imagine having to tell everyone that they are fired.  Firing one person who is doing things that deserve to be fired for is awkward and even though they deserve it the boss usually feels bad about doing it.  These poor people were losing their jobs through no fault of their own.  I can imagine a group setting doing this, people getting upset, people crying, some getting angry  the texts  and Im sure the boss felt awful that he was having to close up shop.  He did something most places don't and at least tried to help his employees out with some severance pay which will help keep them going  and bills paide for a bit till they can get a new job.

MomaL... MomaLlama

There is a multi-millionaire in my area that owns a huge resort, a dozen restaurants, a bunch of businesses etc...   He's not a particularly popular person around here.  Anyways, his organization opened up a "swank" restaurant downtown last year and hired a full staff of employees.  Several people quit their previous jobs to go work there.  (I worked at the bank next door so that's how I heard from a bunch of the employees)  So after the restaurant is open about two weeks, the boss goes in to eat. He decides that the food isn't good enough and the service is "sub-par" so the next day when the employees show up for work he had a sign posted on the door that says, "The restaurant is closed, and all staff is fired"  They re-vamped the menu and hired a whole new staff a month later.

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