Paul Ryan Gosling Is Shirtless & Blowing Up On Twitter & Tumblr

There are a whole slew of women (and men) ogling Paul Ryan (thank you TMZ for the latest photo) and thousands more wondering what Paul Ryan Gosling has to do with any of it. I'll tell you ... it's simple. There is a whole lot of sexy going around and Paul Ryan and Ryan Gosling both fit the bill. Add some hilarious (and often politically pointed) commentary and you get yourself talking points that may not win an election -- but are sure to get some, well, a little heated.

We've already talked about the whole "Hey Girl" meme thing -- but the fact it's now happening on a variety of Twitter and Tumblr accounts as well -- well, it is genius.

Most posts/tweets are littered with political messages -- but not all of them are. For instance ... take a look at the one below. It is from HeyGirlItsPaulRyan -- a Tumblr page -- and it makes me think more 50 Shades of Grey than health care!

And then there is the Twitter account @PaulRyanGosling

Over there you will hear everything from:

Hey girl, I'm just a heartbeat away.


Hey girl, let's get hella crazy tonight and sneak caffeine into Mitt's water bottle!


Hey girl, I made us a reservation for three tonight. You, me and the zygote.

All of this makes me wonder ... why on earth hasn't the Mitt/Ryan campaign created a Tumblr account of their own? Or maybe just make an attempt at sending out Tweets on Paul Ryan's Twitter account, @PaulRyanVP, that don't bore us to tears. I know this is politics and we should care about the issues ... and we do ... but they can make it a tad more personable, don't you think?

Plus, there is no denying the HUGE upside in all of this for Paul Ryan. I am pretty sure a lot of America -- especially the younger voters -- had no idea who Paul Ryan was. Being connected to Ryan Gosling (in this very unexpected way) is probably a really good thing for the campaign.

Politics aside for a moment -- these micro-blogging sites make following the election so much more fun!

Do you think this is hurting Paul Ryan or helping him?


Images via TMZ and heygirlitspaulryan.tumblr

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Flori... Floridamom96

I think women objectifying Paul Ryan hurts women. It makes them appear shallow, stupid, and vain.

nonmember avatar guest

Is this a joke? He is not good looking. When I see pictures of him and/or Mittens, all I can think of is how far women will be shoved down if they win the WH.

Flori... Floridamom96

How far will women be "shoved down"? And how will they be "shoved down"?

jagam... jagamama0710

First of all...I don't think it hurts women to "objectify" him. Do you feel that way about any women ogling over any man?

Second...again I say, this man is really not that attractive. I don't understand all the googly eyes. He looks like such a goober. 

Flori... Floridamom96

No, not all men. However, reducing a candidate for Vice President of the United States of America to whether he's hot or not makes women appear vain and vapid. If women are vain and vapid then who would care what we think? Do you really care so little about what's happening with our nation that you will focus on how the candidate looks (not you specifically, Jaga)? Just as I don't think we should be discussing whether women who are nominated or running for elected office are hot or not. I think it is ridiculous with all the serious problems facing this nation that the bloggers on CafeMom are discussing Paul Ryan's alleged hotness. (I don't think he's good looking either, btw.)

Michele Lopez

I think he is the best looking candidate for the White House since JFK, but I agree with other comments.  He is not all that!

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