Annoying Facebook Requests That Will Make You Lose Friends

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Remember FarmVille? I've never played it; however, since for eons requests from Facebook friends to join FarmVille cluttered up my inbox, I still have post-traumatic flashbacks to attack of the FarmVille requests. But now I miss the peace and quiet of those days! Lately, every time I check my notifications box, I've got requests for a gazillion other games, apps, and social sites. I don't even know what any of them are. And since there's no way easy way to find out without giving that app or site all of my Facebook information, I just ignore the requests. But then they come again and again just like Jason refusing to die at the end of Friday the 13th!

Here's some of the requests I and a few of the friends I asked got in just the past week alone:

The Ville


My Calendar Request

My Calendar Mobile

Birthday Calendar

Social Video

Bubble Safari

Synga Slingo


Lucky Slots

Special Birthday Gifts

I'm not saying getting requests you have no interest in is the worst thing in the world. Yes, I can delete them. Yes, I can ignore them. But, as someone who is online all day long fielding emails, Tweets, FB inbox emails, and trying to actually respond to notifications I might be interested in -- like someone's birthday party -- this just makes my day a lit-tel more irritating. And I'm irritated enough, y'all!

There might be way to stop ALL game/app requests and the instructions are here. But as usual, Facebook doesn't exactly make it a super-easy thing to do -- and the many angry comments on the instructions imply that they don't quite add up anyway. Nor does it give you a way to simply block ALL requests -- you have to do it app by app, user by user. Le sigh.

Of course, you can block the friends who send you requests -- but they themselves don't quite realize they're doing it. When they opt to play a game, they give Facebook permission to access their friends list. And out go the auto requests. 

Facebook, why you do us like this? Add to this the fact that FB will soon add paid advertisements to your friend feed and uuughhhh.

Do you hate app/game notifications or just accept them as a part of Facebook life?


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v.cos... v.costello

You can just block requests for that app! Takes like two seconds.

sarah... sarahlaine1123

People send me mean letters all the time complaining about it but I cant help when it auto send stuff. Quit complaining, and being lazy, and just block the damn apps!

alway... alwayscurious

My phone is synched to fb, and one of my friends kept (probably auto) sending me SlotoMania requests, so every time my phone would go off I thought I was getting a text. I would get all exited, then see what it was.and get all disappointed. Lol. Nothing to get mad about tho,.i like hearing my notification tone!!

Texas... TexasGirl512

It's going to get worse, just wait and see.

Todd Vrancic

It's fairly easy to ignore those auto-updates.

nonmember avatar R. Moore

Remember, if you aren't paying for the service, you aren't the customer. You are the product.

Lydia L. Pineault

I have the same problem, and I just ignore them! The more you change things and fiddle and categorize and personalize on facebook the more you screw things up and the more you make matters worse. Of course that's probably the whole idea! Any I just ignore all game requests I don't like games, and I don't like wasting time playing games on computers, way, way, way too much of a waste of time! Much more interesting things to look at and read, etc.!~ :)

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