5 People You Should Never Friend on Facebook

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FacebookFacebook is fun, isn't it? It lets you stay in touch with people you like, but otherwise would have zero contact with; it lets you post cute photos of your kids instead having to individually email them out to people; and it gives you something to do on your phone when you're feeling socially awkward. But, there are some rules when it comes to everybody's favorite social networking site. Unwritten rules, but rules that should be abided by nonetheless -- especially when it comes to who you should and shouldn't be friends with. Here are 5 people you should never friend on Facebook.

Your boss. Kind of a given, right? If you want to be friends with some of your colleagues, by all means, have at it; but your boss is another story. It's just not worth it. Even if you like your boss a ton, and the two of you get along like gangbusters, do you really want her knowing your every move?

Your ex. Sometimes, it's really tempting to "keep tabs" on someone you just ended a relationship with. Who are they dating? Where are they going? But for your sanity's sake, it's probably best to cut all virtual ties. It'll only drag things out and make it harder to move on.

Your babysitter or nanny. You know that Oscar Mayer commercial where the mom keeps saying "no"? And you know how one of the things she says "no" to is her husband saying: "I think I'm going to become Facebook friends with our babysitter"? Yeah, there's a reason for that. It's a bad idea.

Your new friend's boyfriend or girlfriend. I mean, at least wait until you guys have been friends for a few months. Don't want anybody misconstruing anything.

People you just met. Before bombarding somebody with a friend request on Facebook, feel them out. See what their thoughts on Facebook are. They may not be the kind of person who likes to become online pals with anyone and everyone. And then if they don't accept your request, things could get weird.

Do you have any policies regarding who you will and won't friend on Facebook?

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Net1957 Net1957

I befriended my bosses boss a few months ago. Big mistake! Noe I can't complain about my job on Facebook anymore!

katie... katiew2012

I have "defriended" a lot of people from my former life. A few of them are very conservative in their religious beliefs, and before I got married, I got 2 emails from 2 ladies. One used my fb against me directly, and the other used information she got from a mutual friend since she won't use fb. (Something about it would detract from her relationship with God." 

Anyway both of these emails begged me to leave my fiancee and return to God. And they used fb information to support their "arguments." (Informations such as my fiancee and I lived together.)

So I defriended the one, and anyone else I suspected might "spy" on me. And I won't "friend" anyone who might be preachy, no matter their previous level of friendship.

Joey_01 Joey_01

I "friended" my boss on FB, we play Words with Friends and a couple of other games :) we vent about work to each other all the time! She's awesome :D I would never friend any of my old bosses, they were all asshats!

jalaz77 jalaz77

Mother in law. No effing way.

nonmember avatar Kristin

You missed one... Your child's girlfriend/boyfriend. A co-worker's son's girlfriend sent the request and my co-worker accepted. Oh boy, does she regret it. She though this girl was "well-behaved" and would be a good influence on her son. Judging by the pictures- Not the case. Now she has already decided she's not too keen on this one.

nonmember avatar Amanda CM

GOOD POINTS. I agree with all of them.

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