The iPad Mini Is Too Cute Not to Want


ipad miniThe iPad mini. Forever, it's been this wacky rumor. Heck, leave it to Apple to come up with absolutely everything, eh? They already have the perfect phone that practically everyone in the world owns, and the perfect super functional cool-looking iPad tablet that so totally OWNS every other tablet. Naturally, it's time to add another gem to their Apple powerhouse arsenal.

Well now the iPad mini has unofficially been confirmed for a September debut (along with an iPhone 5!) and techies everywhere are dreaming up what the device will look like.

Let's be real: It looks cute. It's like the iPad's baby sister. They could go on dates together! I foresee lots of cutesie quality time at a cozy little coffee shop where the two devices could sip mocha lattes (well, stand next to them, anyway) and trade pictures of their besties and music via iCloud.

But the question is: Would you buy one? My answer: Not necessarily.

OK OK, before you jump down my throat, let me tell you why: I already have the head honcho iPad. You know, the cooler past sibling -- the iPad 2. In my mind, as an iPad 2 and iPhone 4 owner, there's just no reason for me to spring for the middle sibling. I want to, though! Money though, small issue.

So what are reasons to spring for the iPad mini? Well, if you are a major fan of the Kindle or the Nook, then this slightly larger iPhone without the calling capabilities is specifically made for YOU. In my mind, the people at Apple are aiming for the female demographic. You know, the women who keep that handy device in their purse and tote it around with them. They want to reduce the bulk of the iPad and make it more totable, more mom-on-the-go-friendly.

Apple is a dominating force. We've seen what they've done to the world of cellphones. This iPad mini is their attempt at killing off the "lesser" devices because, heck, they're Apple and they know it's possible. Unless I'm selling my normal-sized iPad, though, I think I'll have to pass for now. That, and invest in a bigger purse.

Are you interested in the iPad Mini?


Image via yto/Flickr

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nonmember avatar Carter

I absolutely agree about this being towards a female demographic! My girlfriend heard from our coworker at Dish about a “mini” iPad and she literally cannot stop talking about it when I have my regular sized one out. She is always watching live TV on the Dish Remote Access app, since a Sling Adapter is connected to our DVR, but her arms always get tired when holding it since she is so small. I’d really like to get a smaller version of the iPad for her for Christmas and I can’t wait to hear what Apple has to say about it!

nonmember avatar sqt

I am totally into buying one. I have the full-sized ipad but prefer the Nook Color for reading. The problem with the Nook is that it isn't holding up well. My iphone is older than my reader and is way more reliable. After the last software update the thing barely works.

The ability to have something as reliable as an ipad in the smaller size I prefer is a win-win for me.

Nycti... Nyctimene

Uhhh...what's the point? An ipad 'mini' is just an iphone or ipod touch. :-/ The entire point of buying an ipad was to have a bigger screen but not necessarily a laptop size and weight. An ipad does the exact same things as an ipod touch which is probably the exact same size (or within a few cms) of whatever this ipad 'mini' will be...yet people will still probably shell out $800/pop for it when it comes out.  

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