'Unbaby.Me' Lets You Replace Those Boring Baby Photos on Facebook

How many times has this happened to you: you're idly surfing around Facebook, and suddenly you come face to face with yet another drool-faced photo of someone's pwecious little baby. Talk about ruining your appetite! What are you supposed to have for lunch now, diapers? God, babies are so gross, and yet parents seem compelled to share every toothless grin Junior manages to plaster across his disturbingly dimpled face. UGH.

Well, if you truly dislike babies that much, great news -- there's an app for that! Or more accurately, there's a Chrome plugin for that. Thanks to Unbaby.me, you can now easily swap out those unpleasant baby images with photos of things that are far more appealing to you.

Such as cats. Or bacon.


If you use the Chrome web browser, the plugin sounds fairly easy to set up: just visit the Unbaby.me website and click the giant ADD TO CHROME button. Next, refresh your Facebook News Feed in order to witness the magic. Where once there was a disgusting human infant, now there is an adorable baby sloth!

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Basically, the plugin works by scraping your feed for common references to babies. For instance:

year old, so adorable, our family, cutest baby, learned to walk, years old, month old, months old, carseat, infant, too adorable, pajamas, solid foods, crawling, most baby, so cute, is precious, is too cute, diapers, too cute cutest baby ever, newborn, and mommy, looks like dad, beautiful baby, gerber, pacifier, tantrum, little angel

You can select whatever you want for the replacement images, as long as there's an image-based RSS for it. Actually, jokes about babies aside, that's the really interesting thing about the plugin -- you can enter whatever keywords you want for replacing images. So, for instance, you could swap out all the baby-related search terms with words that are associated with vacations, like this Slate writer did:

… when I’m desk-bound on a sunny August day, the last thing I want to see are my friends’ sunset-streaked snapshots of the damn Chichen Itza. So I tried replacing the baby-related keywords with terms like “vacation,” “beach,” “sights,” “island,” and, for good measure, “fun.” Then I changed the tag for the RSS feed from “cats” to “cubicles.”

Zap! All of my friends’ summers are now as boring as mine.

I probably won't be using this particular plugin any time soon, because I actually like seeing baby photos on Facebook, but it's a pretty clever idea. Actually, I might try it out for specific types of baby photos … for instance, I'd be happy to trade the inevitable OCD-triggering "child with spaghetti all over his face" photo for "picture of a giant Wet Wipe."

What do you think of this plugin? Would you ever use it?

Image via Unbaby.me

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