Man Flies Into Jealous Rage Over Girlfriend's Mitt Romney Photo on Facebook

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Facebook can be a wonderful platform to bring couples closer together ("We're in a relationship!" "We're engaged!"). It can also be, in the wrong relationship, a hellish tool that sparks endless amounts of jealousy-induced arguments. Such is the case with one Tennessee couple. After Lowell Turpin spotted a picture of a strange man -- a tall, good-lookin' older gent with a full head o' hair and gray sideburns, no less -- on his girlfriend's Facebook wall, Lowell allegedly went ballistic and confronted her, demanding to know who the fella was. Apparently Turpin isn't much for politics, or news, or relationships for that matter, because after his girlfriend informed him that the distinguished-looking gent was presidential candidate Mitt Romney, he didn't believe her and decided to beat her up. Is this jerk-off a hardcore Democrat? Or just really, really stupid?

Police say that politics had nothing to do with the situation -- that Turpin's jealous rage was stoked merely because his girlfriend had posted a pic of another man. I'm guessing this guy could have seen Jesus's mug and gone ape crap. In fact, the girlfriend reports that Turpin had hit her in the past.

While the vast majority of us wouldn't take our Facebook jealousy as far as Turpin -- nor would we not know a picture of Mitt Romney when we see one -- the social media site is the perfect beaker into which insecure couples can mix all of their jealousies and delusions.

Part of the problem is that Facebook is so vague and mysterious. In real life, if you're dating someone and that person has a "friend" of the opposite sex, you normally get to meet that person. Hiya, howareya, I'm the girlfriend/boyfriend, how do you know my girlfriend/boyfriend? Oh that's cool, nice to meet ya.

But on Facebook, a new "friend" of the opposite sex can suddenly appear out of nowhere. And maybe this new friend is gorgeous. And maybe he or she writes a little greeting on your sweetie's wall: "Hi! It was so nice meeting you!" And if you've got any cracks in your relationship, your imagination suddenly goes wild. Who the hell is this person? Where did you meet him/her? YOU'RE SLEEPING AROUND, AREN'T YOU????

This is why I always advocate that, unless you are in a fully committed, trusting relationship, don't friend your romantic partner. If you're in an on-off again thing with a lot of drama, don't friend. If you've just started dating and don't have your bearings yet, don't friend. You may not understand that the hot, busty blonde who works at Hooters and writes cutesy comments on your brand new man's wall is his sister.

It doesn't help that Facebook CAN often be the first hint that your partner is up to no good. A friend of mine once saw a woman post something semi-flirty on her man's wall. She didn't know the woman. Sure enough, within a couple of months, he had dumped my friend and began dating the woman who'd posted.

I doubt anything would have prevented this dude in Tennessee from NOT flying into a jealous rage, as he seems as if he has a terminal case of douchitis. But for the rest of us, remember not to take Facebook too personally.

Have you ever gotten jealous for no reason over Facebook?


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FourD... FourDaughtersMI

"Lowell Turpin" -  I bet that was the name of his great-grandpa from his mother and father's side. 

I don't recall being jealous over Facebook, but I may have had someone else get jealous about me. One woman (who was not dating this guy friend of mine, but she wanted to) even blocked me, which I think is kinda weird, considering they didn't even know me.

Kelly... KellyBSchrute

I'm not crazy about the toungue-in-cheek tone in this article. I don't think there's anything the slightest bit comedic about this story. I hope the victim doesn't read it.

Shannon Jacobs

I feel sorry for her, but I think it says something about the intelligence of Romney supporters. After Romney transfers all the police to guarding the houses of his rich donors, who is she going to call for help?

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