Suspected Aurora Shooter James Holmes' Online Fans Should Be Stopped

James HolmesFor your average celebrity, you know -- the Justin Timberlakes, the Ryan Goslings -- it's normal to have a following online. For a man charged with 24 counts of murder in the shooting deaths of a dozen people in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater? Not so much. I couldn't be more mortified that, yes, James Holmes fans exist, and yes -- they are everywhere.

Declaring themselves as Holmies, James Holmes' fans are posting their devotion for the 24-year-old gunman everywhere online. They're wearing plaid, in reference to the report that he was wearing plaid when first arrested, drinking Slurpees, in reference to an interview he was featured in when he was 18, and are hard at work creating loads of illustrations focusing on Holmes' bright orange-ish red 'do.

... WTF. 


The fact that there is a colony of people that supports this man blows my mind. Knowing that there are users on Twitter that think James Holmes is hot ... I just can't. People, this is an alleged murderer we're talking about. You know how Pinterest banned pro-anorexia posts? Can't we just ban these Holmies from the popular sites they use to proclaim their love, like Tumblr and 4chan, and call it a day?

OK. I get it. That whole free speech thing. I'm sorry, I'm just so overly disgusted by this. I can only hope that there really are only a few Holmies. That perhaps this is something that's getting amplified by the media. I can't help but wonder, are these Holmies potentially wannabe killers? Or do they just not know any better and think this is cool? Newsflash, Holmies: This isn't cool. Not one little bit.

Have you heard of the Holmies? What's your reaction to this fandom?


Image via Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office

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