5 Facebook Photos Parents Shouldn't Post

nicole fabian-weberOkay, you can post this, Mom.It's been scientifically proven: Parents love posting photos of their kids on Facebook. And who can blame them? Kids are cute; they're something to be proud of. Who wouldn't want to show them off?

Thing is, though, not all photos of your child should make their way on to Facebook. Not only for the sake of others who could give a rat's, but for the sake of your child, who may not, in 14 years, want a photo of themselves wearing nothing but a few strands of sauce-tinged spaghetti on the Internet.

So, what do you say, Moms and Dads? What do you say we use a little bit of discretion when uploaded pictures of our little ones to Facebook? What do you say we don't post these five types of photos?


Naked photos. Now when I say naked photos, I mean naked photos. A picture of your adorable newborn taking his or her first bath, all sudsed up, is one thing, a photo featuring their penis or vagina is another.

Graphic delivery room photos. The birth of your baby is a moment unlike any other in the entire universe. Nothing is that special. So why not cherish it by not posting it for 1,100 people to see?

Photos of your baby's poop. I'm not sure if anyone actually does this, but I thought it was worth mentioning as a precautionary measure.

Photos of other people holding your baby -- without getting the other person's permission. I'm a big believer in the "ask before you post" policy. Not everyone likes pictures of themselves splayed across the Internet. And if you just can't resist posting, for the love of God, don't tag them.

A million photos of the same thing. As a new mom, I'm slowly learning that my daughter's expression may look different in all 23 photos of her laying on her play mat to me, but to others, same difference.

What types of photos do you not want to see on Facebook?


Image via Nicole Fabian-Weber

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