5 Facebook Fails of New Moms

nicole fabian-weber
Stop showing me off.
Facebook is to babies as Justin Bieber is to Twitter. Fine, that was a crap-lazy analogy, but I just saw Never Say Never, and the point I'm trying to make is: The two go hand in hand. Go ahead, log in to your Facebook account right now. I'll wait. What do you see? Babies! Toddlers! Newborns! Oh my! Sometimes, it seems as if it is the sole purpose of Facebook.

It's only natural for parents to want to post photos of their children. As a new mom -- and someone who swore she wouldn't post photos of her baby (and totally has) -- I get it. We want to share our babies' cuteness with the world. But there are some unwritten rules of etiquette I think we could all afford to follow ... you're welcome, non-parents.


Posting from the delivery room. Look, I'll always click on these photos when I see them in my newsfeed out of sheer rubber-necking curiosity, but it's Just. Too. Much. It's too personal of a moment to let the world in on, in my opinion. And, dude, you just had a baby. Who cares about Facebook?

Posting individual shots one at a time. If you're a frequent baby photo poster, for the love of God, make an album for it. No need to clog up people's pages one picture at a time.

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Making a Facebook page for your baby. Everyone knows it's you behind the keyboard. Your baby can't type yet, silly!

Over-the-top bragging. As a new mom, I know what it's like to be proud. I all but had a ticker tape parade when my daughter rolled over. But when you start bragging -- humbly or not -- on Facebook about how your 6-month-old son is fluent in Latin, or how your 2-year-old just finished War and Peace (in German), it gets obnoxious.

Not posting anything at all. Come on, we want to see that little cutie!

Do you limit the amount of baby photos you post on Facebook?


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