5 Facebook Fails of New Moms

nicole fabian-weber
Stop showing me off.
Facebook is to babies as Justin Bieber is to Twitter. Fine, that was a crap-lazy analogy, but I just saw Never Say Never, and the point I'm trying to make is: The two go hand in hand. Go ahead, log in to your Facebook account right now. I'll wait. What do you see? Babies! Toddlers! Newborns! Oh my! Sometimes, it seems as if it is the sole purpose of Facebook.

It's only natural for parents to want to post photos of their children. As a new mom -- and someone who swore she wouldn't post photos of her baby (and totally has) -- I get it. We want to share our babies' cuteness with the world. But there are some unwritten rules of etiquette I think we could all afford to follow ... you're welcome, non-parents.

Posting from the delivery room. Look, I'll always click on these photos when I see them in my newsfeed out of sheer rubber-necking curiosity, but it's Just. Too. Much. It's too personal of a moment to let the world in on, in my opinion. And, dude, you just had a baby. Who cares about Facebook?

Posting individual shots one at a time. If you're a frequent baby photo poster, for the love of God, make an album for it. No need to clog up people's pages one picture at a time.

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Making a Facebook page for your baby. Everyone knows it's you behind the keyboard. Your baby can't type yet, silly!

Over-the-top bragging. As a new mom, I know what it's like to be proud. I all but had a ticker tape parade when my daughter rolled over. But when you start bragging -- humbly or not -- on Facebook about how your 6-month-old son is fluent in Latin, or how your 2-year-old just finished War and Peace (in German), it gets obnoxious.

Not posting anything at all. Come on, we want to see that little cutie!

Do you limit the amount of baby photos you post on Facebook?


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Smerk... Smerkalot

Your baby... is too flippen cute!  Welcome back Nicole :)

noneya79 noneya79

i totally agree.. I don't understand why parents create a whole facebook account dedicated to their new baby. Sounds crazy to me! lol! 

Alicia Kiner

It's been said before, but it needs repeating. Don't share what comes out of your baby or toddler. Your friends with children will understand, but your friend without want no part of the pictures (actual or mental) of the bodily functions of your child. Saying your child is sick is enough, and saying anything about a diaper is borderline too much.  

At the same time, I have yet to see anyone cringe when you share pics of first teeth or smiles or even first feedings.

MIA0223 MIA0223

I go all out.

My husbands family is overseas, all of them!

Facebook is the most convenient way to keep them updated!

linzemae linzemae

I have a friend who posts everyday of her son. Then 2 months later will tag herself and her husband. IT gets really annoying.

tanya... tanya_marieh

I'm with MIA0223, my family is across the country and the only way they see us or the kiddos is if I put pictures up on facebook.

Mrs.L... Mrs.Lynn2011

I post pictures a couple times a week at the most.  My in-laws live in New Zealand and have yet to meet their grandson so photos are a way to keep them connected for now.  I do NOT ever post poop stories or pics, that is gross.  I think the grossest I ever got was saying how my son is exclusively breastfed and that was because the hospital doubted my ability to adequately feed him and I was proud.  I didn't go into detail either.  I have one person on my friend's list who makes EVERY post about her baby.  If she comments on your page, she's mommyjacks.  She's one more mommyjacking away from deletion too.  I don't overpost, but at the same time, I do post pics of my kid. If people really have a problem with it, there's an "unfriend" button.

nonmember avatar Katherine

I understand making a page for your child. That way you can invite a subset of your friends to look at the baby photos if you want to be more private. I think it is actually a really smart/savvy thing to do. Granted, if you actually update the child's status, that is extremely lame.

I also agree that what should have been put on here even more so than bragging was the "what comes out of your baby" recommendation. But I also hate bragging.

And yes, upload at least 5 photos at a time, no more than once per week.

early... earlybird11

Im a strong believer that if I want to post pictures of my son, and you dont like it, defriend me :) I mean thats why its a personal page for social networking. My family all over the country appreciates it. Right now let me just share whats on my news feed "TACO TUESDAY BI***ES* "its only noon, and im thinking of ordering a beer with lunch" etc etc and KEEP IN MIND.. NONE OF THOSE PEOPLOE ARE UNDER 30... they all work in a professional envirnoment etc IF I HAVE TO HEAR WHAT THEY ARE ORDERING FOR LUNCH, THEY CAN SEE MY SONS FIRST STEPS IF I WANT TO SHARE ;)  .... Id never share a potty training pic etc, I never shared a bath pic.. those are personal, and we are the type to only have one so that we arent the ONLY parents not to.

Heath... HeatherMazzone

I wish everyone would quit bitching about what other people put on Facebook. This websites articles about ” annoying things to quit doing on Facebook” have made me so paranoid I quit using mine all together. And that shouldn't be the case. I used to love sharing pictures and things about my baby (never tmi though) and after reading article after article about how our friends don't want to see it, I've just quit using it. When in reality, if somebody doesn't wasn't to see something they can unfriend or hide me. We should use our Facebook accounts how WE want to, not to please anyone else. Besides if I have to see 8 million pictures of peoples pets, they can suck it up and witness the adorableness that is my child.

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