Your Facebook Friends Are Posting Ugly Pictures of You On Purpose

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FacebookYears ago I changed my Facebook privacy settings to hide photos I'm tagged in. I just didn't like having to police my own profile and slightly freak out if a horrible picture was posted. Call me over-concerned, I'm OK with it.

One would think friends would have each other's back when it comes to posting heinous pics, right? Well, a recent survey says that, actually, they don't.

Get this: about one-fourth of women surveyed by photo website MyMemory admitted to having tagged unflattering photos of their friends on Facebook. It gets worse though! If one of their galpals asked them to remove the ugly snapshot, a fifth of them WOULDN'T do it!

Seriously, is this what social networking has come to!? Legitimate sabotage?

It's funny, don't you think? It really brings to light a big purpose of social media -- self promotion.

Follow me here on this one: a big function of being on Facebook and other social sites is staying in touch with people you haven't seen in a while. Because of that, you want your profile to give off the best image of yourself. That image isn't exactly boosted when horrible photos are added to your feed, you know what I'm saying? 

So essentially this survey makes it seem like women, no excuse me -- FRIENDS, are trying to make themselves look better than one-another online? Can't say I'm surprised. Personally, I try not to do it to my best girls. For now, I'm gonna stick to my conviction that if someone's putting up "bad" photos of me, it's an accident, and when all else fails -- that's why I keep 'em hidden.

Have you ever put up bad photos of friends on Facebook? Have they done it to you?


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nonmember avatar guest

i would never do that. that's why my friends are mainly male.

annis... annismom10

Hapoened to me last week. We were all in bathing suits for our kids splash pad parties. She posted two of an almost identical pic- except one I looked cute, and one I looked pregnant. Why the second pic? Arent I supposed to be your best friend?!

nonmember avatar JJ

Yes and it pisses me off to no end. Some ppl shouldn't be allowed to have a camera in their hand. They put up the worst photos, all the photos they take and they take photos every time we get together. Every time. What is that? So to resolve that, I get together with them no more!

nonmember avatar delumbaddidge

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nonmember avatar Manabanana

Well.. first of all if a "friend" posts your unflattering image and won't remove it per your request then the only option is to do the same and then ask again.

nonmember avatar Sheshe

Sometimes our friends see us as beautiful even when we're not I hate my chin and teeth but my loved ones aren't focused on that one hated bit. I know because I posted a beautiful pic of my sister her daughter and my baby all beautiful but all my sister saw was her tummy I only saw her smiling face

nonmember avatar bridgettug11

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nonmember avatar jacktheripper

who cares if you have an ugly photo, it doesn't matter, nobody cares. most of my photos are ugly ones, even my profile picture, because i don't give a crap if i look good or not.

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