8 People Whose Facebook Friend Requests You'll Want to Ignore

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A couple of years ago, Facebook stopped being, for me, a tool in which I kept in touch strictly with family and real world friends, and morphed into a kind of free-for-all. It's part of my job to increase my readership and share my writings, so I began friending pretty much anyone who asked -- within reason. My friends list rapidly expanded. Which was fine. For me, Facebook was as much professional as personal. And I'm glad I did it that way, because through Facebook I got to know some amazing people I never would have met otherwise.

However, as I began fielding more and more requests -- and got burned on a few I shouldn't have accepted -- I realized I had to make some rules about friending. If Facebook is something you use ONLY to keep in touch with people you know extremely well, then these tips probably won't be needed. But if, like me, you use the site to expand your online network, then you may recognize some of these friend requests you'll want to ignore:

Hostile Guy/Gal. This is the person whom I'm not personally friends with but I can still see his or her perpetually angry rantings on other walls. And now he wants to friend me? No, thanks, dude. I don't need your bad vibe stinking up my wall.

Hostile Guy's Friend. Hostile Guy's friend might be nice for all I know, but since I can see that he is friends with Hostile Guy, he gets a negative rap by association. Can't take any chances.

Weird Name Guy. This is the guy with some name that couldn't possibly be real, could it? Something like Oinky Doinky or Flubby Wubby. If that IS your real name, you're probably going to bring a whole lot of childhood issues to my wall. And, if it's not your real name, then you're a weirdo and I don't want you on my wall.

Guy With Only Chicks for Friends. Every once in awhile I get a friend request from a dude who seems normal, or at least has a normal name. But I don't know him, so I decide to check his profile. He's got about 20 friends, and ALL of them are pretty young women. Often in bikinis. I'm flattered, dude, but no.

Mysterious Dude. Guys (and gals) like this have no profile shot, nothing on their wall, and zero friends. Did someone actually take the time to set up an account merely to stalk little old me? Flattering! But no thanks.

Cartoon/Stuffed Animal Guy. For some reason, I've gotten more than a few requests from guys (girls? who knows) with either cartoons or stuffed animals as their profile shot. Unless you really ARE a stuffed bear or Hello Kitty, I'm ignoring you.

Random Arab Guy. I have nothing against Arab guys, but I get about three requests a day from random Arab guys. They have no photo and their entire profile is in Arabic. I don't speak Arabic! And I have other friends who also get an onslaught of requests from random Arab guys. Not random Swedes, nor random Guatemalans. Just Arabs. Sumpthin' strange going on.

The Bully From School. He or she may have forgotten, but I didn't. Iiiiiiignoooore!

Who do you ignore on Facebook?

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jalaz77 jalaz77

MIL!!!!!! She has asked 3x, I think she finally got the hint. I also ignore people I cannot remember, like the person I may have sat next to in high school, or had a class with....I refuse a lot of people becuase there is no need to be friends with everyone...

the4m... the4mutts

The ex bf that sends a message with his request, just "wondering how you've been, would like to see how your life is"

No. Dude just wants to be nosey, and see if you're in a relationship, and how serious it is. Probably in hopes he can talk you out for a drink to "catch up"... yah, more like he wants to hook up, then remember that he doesn't like you.

CPN322 CPN322

This list is actually a good one. I don't add guys period that I don't know, especially ones that poke you first :/ yeah, no thanks. I, thankfully, don't get a lot of weird random requests. Hopefully it stays that way.

vlk_2012 vlk_2012

I added a random Arab guy last year because he had a name similar to a guy I went to school with. Nope, just a random Arab guy looking for a "beautiful American wife".....

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

Yea, those Arab guys.....You add them and all the sudden its all like "You american women are so beautiful? You have relationship?"

Go. Away.

nonmember avatar Lord K

LOL in my case it was an endless random Indonesian gals adding me. Not that I complained.


I'll be friends with anyone who asks as long as I know them and they're not ax murderers. I'm more than willing to give everyone a chance. I've met wonderful people online. I have maybe 50 old high school friends who I maintain a "nice and sunny here today. have a good day everyone" banter with.  It's nice. I also have a lot of family and neighbors that I converse back and forth with. I have "friended" people to for FarmTown reasons.

Who I keep as a friend is another story. The above list is pretty accurate. I hide people who are really annoying but I don't want to delete (family member, close neighbor) for posting 80 YouTubes or jokes or something like that. Some people are annoying but okay people. They just think what they're looking at we'll call care about. I'll delete anyone who makes fun or is argumentative to me or my friends. It's pretty simple. The things you learned in Kindergarten still apply for me.

cocob... cocobeannns

I don't accept anyone I don't personally know.

GlowW... GlowWorm889

I don't accept requests from people I'm not friends with in real life or at least that I don't know in real life.

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