Jenny McCarthy Emails Nude Photo to Dentist & We Can Relate


Jenny McCarthyJenny McCarthy's dentist is one lucky fella. He once opened up an email from the blonde former playmate to find not a picture of Jenny's son's gums, as he had requested, but a photo of Jenny in the buff. The Love in the Wild host explained:

It’s horrific to remember. So I’m taking a picture of it and I'm sending it to the dentist and I sent him a nude on accident! I swear to God! The dentist is, like, 80 years old. I literally screamed at the top of my lungs.

I'm guessing the dentist didn't mind too much, but who knows. Maybe it grossed him out. Anyway, the pic was saved on Jenny's hard drive for her boyfriend, football player Brian Urlacher. Too bad it ended up elsewhere.

Other celebs like Scarlett Johansson and Blake Lively have seen nude shots of themselves leaked online because of hackers. But a study shows that plenty of non-celebs are sending sexy pics to each other to keep things spicy. Moms and dads also regularly send hot photos and texts to each other. But there's always a bit of a risk involved.

Once, my boyfriend emailed me a risque picture of himself. Not knowing what was in the email, I opened it at work, where it immediately downloaded onto my hard drive. One flick of my fingers later and the thing then somehow mistakenly migrated on to my workplace's public server, where anyone could have viewed it. From there, an IT person opened it. I will never forget my horror as she called me up, saying, "Ahem, we do not allow photos like that on our server." Well, duh! I apologized profusely, but remain forever mortified.

It's just so easy to make email gaffes these days. Sometimes it seems like our entire lives are centered around technology -- email, phone, computers. Many of us send off hundreds of emails a day, every day. It's not uncommon for a mistake -- even a nude one -- to happen.

Well, at least Jenny sent the pic to a doctor and not, say, her general contractor. But little did he know that he would end up seeing a lot more than Jenny's teeth.

Have you ever made a major email gaffe?

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CPN322 CPN322

No but I did accidentally send a sexy text to my mom instead of my bf once :/ thank goodness we have a close relationship and I was 24, but boy was that embarassing. I always double check before I send texts now.

Venae Venae

Oh, I'm so horrified that my dentist saw me naked - well so has the rest of the world - you were in Playboy.  Give me a huge, freaking break.


Fondue Fondue

Yeah, I don't understand why she's freaking out about somebody seeing a nude pic of her.  Doesn't she have another Playboy pictoral coming out again anyway?  Maybe she's just upset he saw the pic for free instead of buying an issue of the mag?

nonmember avatar Lord K

Haha yeah I almost had a BIG gaffe. Chatting with the wife while she was in her country. She asked for some nude shots of me. While they were downloading on her slooow connection, her daughter chatted on her computer. Mortified I was luckily fast enough to hit cancel on the thankfully slow connection. I chastised my wife for asking for such pictures while her daughter was around.

Nichole Hare

She really annoys me. She's an attention whore who wants our sympathy... not gonna happen.

nonmember avatar Neogmagam

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nonmember avatar Neogmagam

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nonmember avatar Neogmagam

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Sally Johnson

I would be mortified to have pictures like that leaked out! I wonder if anything like this has happened to other dentists in burlington? I wonder how often stuff like this happens to medical officials?

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