6 Things You Should NEVER Do on Facebook

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facebookYou would think by now we all know the general rules of what to post and what not to post on social networking sites like Facebook. But let us not forget that there is always someone getting on Facebook for the first time today and knows none of the rules. Or, you know, someone who is just stupid. But it's amazing to me when people break the rules of Facebook common sense. For instance, taking a picture of a big pile of cash and then posting it on your wall. I'm not making that up.

A 17-year-old girl was visiting her grandmother in Sydney, Australia, and helped granny count up her savings. So she snapped a picture of the cash and -- posted it to Facebook! Ey, ey, ey. My head gonna 'splode. I guess it's not too surprising that, seven hours later, at the girl's house (which was 75 miles away from granny), some burglars broke in looking for the pile of cash. The girl's mother, who was home (and didn't have the pile of cash), convinced the robbers that the girl no longer lived there. So they robbed the mom and took off.

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BUT! You're thinking. This girl must have had some baaaaad friends. MY friends are so nice and non-burglarish. Okay, fine. Maybe you know every single person on your list. And you know every single one of them inside and out. But let's just say one of these good friends happens to be looking at your picture of a pile of cash, and then walks to the fridge for a moment, and your good friend's bad, burglarish-type friend takes a peek at the page. Know what I'm sayin'? You just never know. So let's keep it safe.

Here's 6 common sense rules for Facebook:

Don't show off your expensive new purchases. I actually had to call a relative once and tell her this after she posted lots of pictures of her brand new enormous plasma screen television. Sigh.

Don't post pictures if you've got expensive stuff in the background. You. In your living room. Holding your cat. A Degas hanging on the wall behind you. Really?!

Don't let people know you're on vacation. I know you sooooo badly want to let everyone know you're in Paris or Bora Bora, but can't you do that once you get back?!

Ask friends not to tag you when you're out with them. This is one I have to do all of the time now. Please, guys, can we not let everyone know I'm not home? I live in New York, fahcrissakes!

Ask your friends if it's okay before tagging them with photos. I suspect this one will never catch on, but not all photos are flattering. And not everyone wants their list to know they were out guzzling margaritas until 2 a.m. Say, "Mind if I tag you?" before doing so.

Don't bitch about your job. Even if none of your coworkers or your boss is on your friends list, what if you ever need a new job? Don't let it get around that you're a job whiner.

What other common sense rules do you suggest?


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Sarah Grace

I just found out that I can set my profile to ask me permission before posting statuses in which I'm tagged.

lawliss lawliss

No work and don't post anything you wouldn't want your mom to see


nonmember avatar Jim

The #1 rule of Facebook is: don't have any Friends that aren't actually, you know, your friends. Careless Friending results in burgled Sydneysiders.

ladyd... ladydeath07

I was acutally told not to post pics of my child, because now people are stealing them off of pages and offering them as adoptions in other countries, then kidnapping said child and selling them to the adoptive parents in other countries. its true a court offfical actually told me!

FoxTales FoxTales

I agree with all of the above, and it's just common sense if you know how the Internet actually works. I have my privacy settings very locked down, but I don't tag people unless I want ALL of their friends to be able to see my photo as well (it shows up on the wall of the person you tagged... so if you tag 10 people and each of them have 300 friends, there are 3000 people you potentially do not know viewing that photo). I also have only one person on my Facebook that I've not "met in real life"... the rest of them I know personally. However, when we did get a new 52" plasma, I didn't post it on Facebook (for one, that's bragging. For two, that's stupid). When I got a new phone, I turned OFF "check-in", because it would have posted when I was out and where I was at all times. You can only lock Facebook down so much...

jrphelps jrphelps

This is all true.

Plus set your settings so you can review all tags.  That's how mine is set up.  I review all pics & status's I'm tagged in so that I can choose to accept or deny it

CPN322 CPN322

I was just visiting relatives a few weeks ago and made a comment to my cousin and his wife that they need to put more pictures up of there new beautiful daughter. Well, apparently one of there friends had served on a jury for something(they didn't go into detail) and found out that when you post pictures, the picture has the location it was downloaded from embedded in it or something like that. Freaked me out!

Water... Water_geM

you can turn the gps setting off your phone.

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