Woman Gets Creative Revenge on iPhone Thief, Thanks to Facebook

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Kate McCaffrey was on a Disney cruise in April when her iPhone went missing. That's the worst, right? I mean, not the cruise part (*deeply jealous sigh*), but the part about losing your smartphone, with all its photos and data.

As it turned out, McCaffrey's phone wasn't lost after all, it had just switched owners, thanks to a man named Nelson that she says stole the phone. How did she figure this out, you ask? Because her iPhone was automatically programmed to upload new photos to her iCloud account.

Once the thief's photos began showing up in McCaffrey's account, she came up with a genius idea for seeking revenge—or at least having some fun with what must have been a deeply irritating situation.

McCaffrey was using Apple's Photostream feature, which automatically pushes photos taken with the phone to the owner's iCloud web storage. After her phone disappeared, new photos began showing up, and they included images of the alleged phone thief (identifiable by his Disney Cruise employee badge), a woman who appeared to be his girlfriend, and a number of their friends and coworkers.

As for McCaffrey, she decided to post 20 of Nelson's photos to Facebook in a gallery she titled "Stolen iPhone Adventures," along with some amusing commentary.

1st photo: This is Nelson. Nelson has my stolen iPhone.
4th photo: Nelson likes to take photos of buildings in Mexico with stolen phones.
13th photo: And here's a beautiful sunset Nelson had time to capture, all on my stolen iPhone.
15th photo: Uh oh. Nelson's girlfriend does not look happy with him. I understand the feeling.


The album's been shared thousands of times at this point, and Disney Cruises has confirmed that McCaffrey’s phone has been recovered ... and an employee placed on administrative leave.

Who knows what really happened (there's always a chance "Nelson" bought the phone from someone and had no idea it was stolen), but I think there are a few very important takeaways from this story:

• If you steal an iPhone, for god's sake, wipe its content, or at the very least, turn off the iCloud feature
• If you lose an iPhone, try using Find My iPhone
• If your iPhone is stolen and you have any way of turning it into a viral story that shames a large corporation known for being extremely protective about its public image, do so immediately. I smell a free trip to Disneyland in McCaffrey's future, don't you?

Do you think using Facebook was a smart way to deal with her stolen phone?

Image via Facebook

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I think it was a very funny way to handle it. Love it. Shame it was an employee

Maevelyn Maevelyn

I think it's nice that she had a sense of humor about it. That's a huge change. 

starl... starlight1968

hey it worked so more power to her lol

Evelyn Braman

Kate, grrl... u is BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luvya!!

Todd Vrancic

So funny!  And even better, it was effective!

cecil... cecilmansmom

laughing nice way of dealing with it.

James Litz

Nelson looks like a Filipino... along with his friends. Disney should fire that guy.

Andy MacDougall

I'd do that same thing in a minute.

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